Posted on December 05, 2010

HH Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned has affirmed that Qatar's win to host 2022 World Cup is a victory for the whole arab people... Our joy therefore is a delight for all the Arabs and the whole region. In a satement to Arabic daily /Arrayah/ published here on Saturday, HH Sheikha Mozah said that Qatar''s win to organize the World Cup is far from being a dossier for the nomination of Qatar for organizing the World Cup in 2022 since we have put forward / FIFA / a national project stressing the right of the Middle East region in accordance with the legality of history and geography in hosting such an important sporting event in the world. HH further said ,''''The importance and usefulness of this event to not only sports for the youth of the region which half population would be in 2022 under the age of twenty-fifth .Those youth would be allowed to join the world sports from the widest doors since it would beyond that represents a historic opportunity to the East''s openess up to the West and to help further promote dialogue among civilizations and cultures and the correct understanding of the other .These are the values which altogether constitute the most important supporting pillars to the Qatari policy, HH Sheikha Mozah told /Arrayah/ daily. HER Highhness Sheikha Mozah further stressed the need to develop new avenues for understanding the global common sense if the peoples of the world are to succeed in achieving mutual and creative cooperation. This for sorrow, what is the West is missing today because it, the Western percention , is still, unfortunately, shrouded with a lot of misunderstandings about us and our cultures ... if not mistaken understanding'''', HH the consort of HH the Emir said .

Responding to questions posed by some journalists during a press conference hosted by Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, the Chairman of the Qatari file with the youth supervising such a dossier at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich following the announcement of the result ,HH Sheikha Mozah made clear that until the last minute such questions have clearly showed the ignorance that prevails in the West about what is really happening in the region and the size of the negative perceptions which they, the West , have about us noting that it is high time to correct these misunderstanding and mistaken perceptions and uproot its causes. High Highness voiced conviction that the embrace of the Middle East for the World Cup would allow such a necessary rapprochement between the two shores to emerge and to develop mechanisms for dialogue on the Arab-Islamic culture and the other cultures and peoples of the world . ''''This would thus in turn lay the foundations for confident and consistent understanding of the reciprocal abd correct understanding which would stop and undermine all claims of dispute or clash, HH Sheikha Mozah told reporters. Elaborating HH said,'''' this in itself would be a tremendous achievement toward placing the arab and Islamic region in its right position at the heart of the present, playing such an influential and effective role in enhancing understanding with the peoples of the world. " Her Highness Sheikh Mozah further stressed that the organization of the World Cup in Qatar holds the historical possibility to create a qualitative shift in the region through the promotion of education , development and the peace culture via football. Asked about HH''s role in the promotion of these combined aspects in the region and HH''s role realizing such an achievement, Her Highness sheikha Mozah said,"I did not feel at all, while working with the youth hand in hand to build Qatar''s file to run for the World Cup that I have a woman but I feel that I am an arab Qatari citizen believing that the Arab world is entitled to host such a tournament. "(Qna)