Posted on November 11, 2014

The Moroccan Deputy Minister in charge of Foreign Trade, in addition to Industry, Commerce, Investment, Economy and Digital Industries, HE Mohammed Abbou (pictured), will lead a high level delegation of Moroccan private sector businessmen and will be visiting Qatar from the 17th to the 19th of November 2014. Building on the strong bi-lateral trade relations between Qatar and Morocco, this Moroccan Trade Mission in Qatar aims at exploring areas of collaboration as well as developing and strengthening economic cooperation in specific sectors, namely pharmaceuticals, consulting and financial advisory, agro-business, IT and cyber security, contracting, audio-visual production, furniture and interior design solutions.

In collaboration with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a VIP business lunch will be organized at the Hilton Doha on the 17th to mark the official opening of the Moroccan Trade Visit to Qatar. Then, the attendees and the members of the delegation will partake in networking sessions and B2B meetings. On the following days, the delegation will visit private companies and reputed local businessmen in order to forge partnerships to drive cooperation forward.

The Managing Director of Maroc Export, Mrs. Zahra Maafiri, commented on the upcoming trade visit by saying: “In light of both Morocco and Qatar’s remarkable growth rates these past few years, advancing economic ties between our two countries holds enormous potential and could translate in an array of mutually beneficial opportunities. With the Moroccan Trade delegation visit to Qatar, we look forward to further enhancing private sector collaboration between Qatar and Morocco. Over the years, Moroccan industries and services have built tremendous capabilities and have developed a strong competitive edge. Having identified sectors where Moroccan companies could offer value-adding and innovative solutions to the Qatari economy, members of the delegation have been strategically selected according to their area of expertise. As such, I believe this Moroccan Trade visit in Qatar is poised to be productive and will deliver tangible results as it is targeting strategic sectors.”

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In addition to His Excellency the Minister Mohammed Abbou, thirty Moroccan businessmen, representing 7 strategic sectors, along with top representatives from Maroc Export will be part of the delegation. Maroc Export, the Moroccan Center for Export Promotion, is a non-profit public Organization, under the auspices of the Moroccan Ministry in charge of Foreign Trade, and serves as the focal point for trade promotion and export development. Maroc Export believes there are several promising opportunities to boost collaboration between Moroccan and Qatari private sector businesses. “Thanks to comprehensive market research and on-the-ground studies, pharmaceuticals, agro-business, IT, audio-visual production, advisory and consulting, contracting and interior design solutions are the sectors that have been identified as holding particular potential for the development of Moroccan-Qatari trade,” added Mrs. Maafiri.

The Moroccan companies that will be part of the delegation are all recognized for their expertise and experience in those 7 strategic sectors and benefit from a strong track record. Mr. Khaled Al Naimi, Chairman of Magnitude, the Qatari company appointed by Maroc Export to facilitate the trade visit and organize the B2B meetings commented on the upcoming visit by saying: “The strength and dynamism of the Moroccan SMEs and private sector have been recognized globally. An increasing number of Moroccan companies build their success stories in international markets, thanks to their expertise. I believe we can unlock great potential through Qatari and Moroccan private sector collaboration. Moroccan companies could become strategic suppliers and business partners for Qatar.”

“As Qatar is becoming a regional medical hub, developing media networks, and focusing on digitalization and IT security, we aim at offering a networking platform bringing together expert companies in those particular fields. Furthermore, as Qatari businesses are prospering, more and more companies rely on consultants and advisory firms to assist them in managing their developments and record growth and expansion. Moroccan consulting companies have built a strong reputation in this domain,” he added.

Mr. Al Naimi continued by saying: “Qatar’s population is growing at an unprecedented rate. Consequently, demand for high quality food product is rising. Boosting cooperation in agro-business could be highly beneficial. Also, as Qatar is developing its hospitality sector, as the number of hotels is multiplying, we see potential for original interior design solution. The boom in infrastructure development in the State of Qatar also paves the way for collaboration in the contracting field.” Thanks to its targeted approach, and as it will present value-adding services and high quality products to Qatari companies, this Moroccan Trade mission to Qatar is set to further enhance economic ties between the two countries.

Thanks to it demographics and strategic location, Qatar has long recognized the potential offered by the Moroccan market. Morocco’s stability, the modernity of its infrastructures such as the port of Tanger Med, through its proximity to Europe while being a gateway to Africa, position the country as a lucrative destination for foreign investors. Recently, alliances have been forged between Qatar and Morocco with regards to sustainable development and in the agricultural sector. From a retail perspective, banking, real estate and telecoms are attractive sectors for Qatari investors, due to Morocco’s young and fast growing population. Morocco is a strategic economic partner for Qatar and areas for investment and mutual collaboration can be further expanded, especially looking at the private sector, and SMEs.

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