Posted on September 26, 2014

Maximum load in Summer 2014 witnessed great and unexpected increase as it recorded 6.740 MW compared with 6000 MW in 2013 at an increase of more than 12%. Giving this fact, Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” managed to keep the high quality performance indicators of the electricity network.

It comes within KAHRAMAA mission of Providing High Quality and Sustainable Electricity and Water for Better Living in Qatar. In Summer 2014, KAHRAMAA manage to meet the need of all sectors in Qatar. The production surplus provides the need of the electricity network and the as well as the GCC interconnection commitments. The safe operation will continue till the end of this summer as statistics show that the performance indicators are higher than the last year. 

The distribution network has expanded. There are now 11932 substations compared with 10818 in 2012 and 11362 in 2013. It copes with the increase of the main substations from 190 in 2012 to 213 in 2014. In spite of the increase of customers’ number and distribution network components, performance has improved compared to the last year in terms of interruption frequency and duration as well as failure. It apparently proves the success of operation and maintenance plans. 

Her are the table and charts:

a- Maximum Load


Maximum load


Domestic maximum

Industrial maximum

Temperature C​​​

Humidity %






















b- Network performance:

Performance improved in 2014 compared to previous years:

High performance indicators of Kahramaa [].jpg

c- System Interruption Frequency and Duration

High performance indicators of Kahramaa 2 [].jpg

d- Failure: decreased 

High performance indicators of Kahramaa 3 [].jpgQatar Airways flies daily to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania