Posted on March 19, 2017

Last week, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recognized GCC Nurses Day with celebrations held across its network of facilities. Intended to promote the nursing profession as an honorable career and to pay tribute to nurse pioneer Rufaida Al Aslamiya, the occasion was an opportune time to recognize the important role nurses play as advocates for their patient’s health, safety, and dignity.

In her address during celebrations held at Residential Care Compound 1 in Muaither South, Dr. Nabila Al Meer, Deputy Chief for the Continuing Care Group and Ministry of Public Health Nursing Affairs expressed her gratitude and appreciation to all nurses in Qatar. “I thank you for your dedication and your effort in providing care and hope to all our patients. GCC Nurses Day is a time to reflect on the important work of nurses and also to honor the legacy of Rufaida Al Asalmiya in her work to establish the first hospital to care for wounded soldiers during many battles, including the Great Gazwat Bader.”

During the celebrations, held under the theme ‘GCC Nursing, Together We Care’, a number of nursing leaders were presented with certificates of recognition in acknowledgment of their contribution to the profession. Dr. Al Meer highlighted the importance of nursing leaders encouraging Qatar’s younger generation to seek a career in healthcare, adding that the nursing profession represents a great opportunity for Qataris to exhibit noble values and become respected leaders who will influence the future development of Qatar’s healthcare sector.

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“Our highly trained nurses perform specialized roles and provide our patients with the most effective care,” said Dr. Badriya Al Lenjawi, Executive Director of Nursing at HMC. “GCC Nurses Day provides us with an opportunity to recognize our nurses and midwives and the important contribution they make to delivering excellent care and improving the health outcomes of our patients.” “Nurses are caregivers, mentors, teachers and researchers; they support their patients through some of the most significant moments in their lives, including birth, death, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery,” stated Dr. Al Lenjawi.

In her address during celebrations held at Heart Hospital, Chief Nursing Officer (Interim) at HMC Miss Eiri Jones spoke about the importance of compassionate care. “I would like to extend my warm wishes to all nurses at HMC today and in particular all our nurses from the GCC countries. Nursing is a privileged profession and we can best celebrate the work of our early nurse pioneers by continuing to deliver high quality and compassionate care to our patients.” Rufaida Al Asalmiya is widely recognized as the founder of modern nursing in Middle Eastern countries. Believed to have learned her nursing skills from her father, who was a renowned healer, Rufaida devoted her life to developing and improving nursing care. She is thought to have founded the first nursing school in the Islamic world.