Posted on May 05, 2015

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently conducted the first ever Advanced Trauma Research Workshop (ATRW) in Qatar, bringing together international experts and local trauma healthcare professionals and providing a unique platform to engage in discussions and highlight best practices in trauma research. The four-day intensive workshop convened as many as 90 healthcare professionals, including trauma surgeons, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, residents and fellows. The main aim of the workshop was to provide participants a thorough understanding of how to perform high-quality clinical research that will inform injury prevention programs.

During the workshop, delegates were able to benefit from dynamic lectures, presentations and focused discussions covering topics such as clinical research, statistical concepts, considerations for designing effective clinical trials, basic and advanced concepts of data analysis, diagnostic tests and ethics in research. Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Head of Trauma and Vascular Surgery at HMC, Dr. Hassan Al-Thani, commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to have offered this workshop in Qatar and are eager to see the great research initiatives the attendees will come up with as a result of the advanced skills they have gained and their interaction with distinguished experts during the focused discussions.”

HMC hosts first Advanced 2 [].jpgDr. Al-Thani added that: “Injury is one of the leading causes of death in Qatar and has a devastating effect on individuals, families and healthcare systems. We realize that it is significantly important to have a world-leading trauma system for the country which is embedded in ongoing research, allowing trauma caregivers to identify causes of injury and further promote ways of prevention. This is part of our continuous efforts to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the people in Qatar.”

Co-chairman of the Organizing Committee and Consultant of Clinical Research, Trauma Surgery at HGH, Dr. Ayman El-Menyar, stated: “Research plays a vital role at HMC and forms one of our three main pillars: health, education and research. This workshop was specifically designed to encourage local healthcare researchers in Qatar, working within multidisciplinary teams, to fully understand the mechanism behind effective research projects and to facilitate future collaborations between HMC and international leading centers. It reflects the organization’s commitment to achieve the highest standards in practice to provide the best possible care.”

The workshop featured international speakers including, Prof. Shrikant Bangdiwala, Director of Biometry Section, University of North Carolina, and Prof. Rajvir Singh, Senior Scientist in the Biostatistics at All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Experts from HMC, Dr. Al-Thani and Dr. El-Menyar, also shared their expertise in a number of research areas and underlined important guidelines.

HMC hosts first Advanced 3 [].jpgHMC’s trauma team is currently working on a number of significant research projects geared at improving health outcomes for the people of Qatar, including two major projects awarded last year under Qatar Foundation’s National Priorities Research Program (NPRP). The projects, entitled: ‘Young Kids in Safe Seats (Y-KISS) Qatar Project: A Randomized Study to Increase Child Restraint Use in Qatar’ and ‘A Unified Registry for Workplace Injury Prevention in Qatar,’ focus on the importance of car seats for children for safety and identifying ways to prevent occupational injury in workplaces respectively. Primary Healthcare Corporation and US-based Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit are also collaborating on these projects.

Additionally, under an HMC internal grant the trauma team is also collaborating with an Australian team, composed of experts from Monash University and The Alfred Hospital, to analyze trauma patients with severe head injury and patients with spinal cord injury, in an effort to establish more informed prevention programs.