Posted on December 02, 2014

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is today observing the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by organizing an event at the Muaither Care and Rehabilitation Center in Doha.

Attending the event, which is aimed at boosting awareness of people with disabilities and their protected rights, are a host of ambassadors from the State of Qatar, HMC officials and physicians, as well as a group of people with a disability who are currently receiving rehabilitation services at the Center. In a speech being delivered at the event, Dr. Wafaa Al Yazeedi, Head of Medical Rehabilitation at HMC, and the Medical Director of the community based rehabilitation compound, will highlight the  theme of this year's event: "Sustainable Development: A Technology Promise. “

HMC marks International Day [].JPGThis theme is aligned to efforts taking place to remove obstacles to the integration of people with disabilities into the community. It also discusses breaking down communication barriers through the use of technology. A number of activities, including discussions, awareness campaigns, and exhibitions which include work by people with disabilities will be held in support of the day. There will also be a particular focus on issues relevant to them and their role in the development of their community", Dr. Al Yazeedi said.

He added, “The International Day of Persons with Disabilities event will be observed at Rumailah Hospital, where 200 people with disabilities currently receive specialized care. It will also be observed at the community-based rehabilitation compound in Muaither where 74 people who have a permanent disability live in what is classed as a “home away from home.” The activities will form part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program sponsored and supported by Qatar League Corporation, the University of Calgary, Qatar, and Qatar Assistive Technology Center.

They attract the support of many citizens and residents who often participate in activities to showcase the contribution of people with disabilities to their communities. Meetings to exchange views and shed light on residents’ skills, interests and expectations are also held. “The event will highlight some key themes around the importance of supporting people with disabilities. This includes taking effective action to incorporate their contribution whenever possible and enhancing their role in society to have a more equal voice. It also highlights the importance of highlighting the progress achieved in overcoming impediments to the implementation of policies on the rights and entitlements of persons with disabilities,” Dr. Al Yazeedi concluded. He emphasized that their integration into the community is not only beneficial to them and their family members but also to the community as a whole. 

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