Posted on June 30, 2015

Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) recently hosted Qatar’s first International Mulligan Concept examination on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.

Ms. Noora Al Madahka, Head of the Physiotherapy Department at HMC, coordinated the hosting of the exam with the Mulligan Concept Association. Twenty-five physiotherapists from HMC and other public health centers across the country successfully passed the exam and are now recognized as certified Mulligan practitioners. The hosting of the examination aligns to HMC’s commitment to providing world-class healthcare services to each and every one of its patients.

Brian Mulligan, an international expert in physiotherapy and founder of the Mulligan Concept, trained the participants on the management of common musculoskeletal injuries and applying manual therapy techniques without the need for conventional physiotherapeutic equipment and instruments. Mr. Jamal Bilal, Deputy Head of the Physiotherapy Department at HMC, stated that many patients who underwent Mulligan Concept treatment worldwide improved considerably, especially patients with musculoskeletal pain associated with neck and lower back vertebral problems, arthritis, elbow tendon injury, shoulder stiffness, and other related ailments that require no surgical intervention.  

HMC physiotherapists receive 2 [].jpgMr. Brian Mulligan stated that he discovered the concept, which combines natural glides and mobilization with movement in the joints and extremities, by sheer coincidence. The journey of Mulligan Concept started in 1985 when he tried it on fingers. Five years later, he applied it to all joints of the human body from jaw to foot. Mr. Mulligan then moved on to establish an international association that is mainly engaged in accrediting and certifying practitioners in applying the Mulligan Concept as a diagnostic and therapeutic methodology.

The concept serves as a means of diagnosis and therapy at the same time, and the techniques used help restore the function of the affected joint. The difference between the Mulligan Concept and other therapies is that patients feel an improvements within two minutes. Eighty per cent of the cases treated with this concept show significant improvement, said Mr. Mulligan. Common ailments and injuries that can be treated with this therapy include tennis elbow or lateral elbow pain due to injury or tear in the elbow tendons, ankle sprains, headaches and dizziness associated with neck problems, and shoulder and spinal injuries.

Mr. Yadullah Sayed, Physiotherapy Specialist and certified Mulligan Concept Practitioner at HMC, stated that many patients treated with the approach showed substantial improvement. He felt that the approach has a more positive impact on patients compared to conventional physiotherapy concepts.