Posted on August 30, 2019

Grabbing attention among varying sizes and shapes of hot air balloons in parks of Europe was Qatar's aviation veteran Captain Hassan Al Mousawi and his hot air balloon Asfary. Qatar's first hot air balloon was recently part of the 20 colourful balloons flying high over the London skyline that were participating in the Oswestry Balloon Carnival. 

“After a successful first season and the temperature rise in Qatar, Asfary balloon moved to participate in several events in Europe. We were thrilled to fly Asfary Balloon in the Sagrantino Challenge Cup 2019 edition in Italy in the first week of August and then now in England," said Mousawi. The travel and tourism company also plan to participate in one more festival in a couple of weeks before returning home to Qatar in October. The Oswestry festival that was a charity event to help Nightingale House hospice saw participation from international teams including Belgium and Canada. 

"As the only balloon flying in Qatar it was a delight to have them fly at our event. Built here in Oswestry it returned home for the Carnival," said the organisers on their social media page. "We are pleased to have introduced Qatar's first hot air balloon which allowed both residents and visitors to enjoy a unique perspective of this great land while experiencing a unique thrill, joy and adrenalin," said Mousawi, thanking Qatar National Tourism Council, Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar Armed Forces and Qatar Air Sports Committee for playing an instrumental role in bringing his dream to life.

source: The Peninsula