Posted on July 17, 2011

Dr. Sherrod El Gendy, programs director of Qatar Diabetes Association that the Association has prepared an integrated program for diabetes care during Ramadan, including the establishment of a hotline in collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation and lectures in mosques in cooperation with the Ministry of Endowments “AWQAF” that doctors participated in, in addition to educational and awareness programs in radio and television during the holy month.

Dr. Sherrod said that QDA is keen to intensify its campaigns of awareness during the month of Ramadan, because the diabetics are in need of special diet during the holy month, especially when it comes in during the summer as they need to drink water constantly and eat several snacks during the day .

She explained that QDA has worked to develop a special program in Ramadan to help diabetics or who has the ability to fast to be safe and sound without exposure to health risks.

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Regarding the QDA’s program in Ramadan, Dr. El Gendy said that it focuses on establishing a hotline in collaboration with the HMC, that allows any patient with diabetes or a his relatives to call and ask for medicals advices related to diabetes and fasting by communicating directly with the doctors.

It also allows them to contact in case of any emergency, as the Assembly will focus on helping them to reach the required emergency care as soon as possible.

She noted that there are doctors from QDA and HMC specialized in diabetes and general medicine to respond to the hotline, seven days a week from 8 pm to 11 pm on phone number: 55981331, and from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 1 pm on: 44547311 and 55274919.