Posted on January 13, 2020

Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) is kicking off the new decade with the launch of its new 5G dual-mode mobile Wi-Fi product in collaboration with Vodafone Qatar.

Poised to offer users the fastest, longest-lasting and most stable mobile WiFi experience possible, the HUAWEI 5G Mobile Wi-Fi Pro can convert 5G signals to speedy Wi-Fi signals, allowing customers to enjoy the power of 5G on their existing phones and other devices even if they are not 5G-enabled. The HUAWEI 5G Mobile WiFi Pro is available now for purchase for QAR 1799 at Vodafone Qatar retail stores and online shop.

In the advent of the all-scenario intelligent era, consumers are anticipating new, revolutionary experiences. In the “all-connected” age, Huawei is currently the only vendor that has the ability to provide an all-scenario experience. In addition, Huawei has an integrated set of capabilities across chips, devices, cloud services, and networks, and is currently the industry's only vendor that can provide end-to-end 5G systems. Building on these strengths, as a pioneer of the 5G era, Huawei will bring an inspired intelligent experience suitable for personal, office, business, travel and outdoor use. The HUAWEI 5G Mobile WiFi is compact and easy to carry, and can effectively resolve persistent problems prevalent with traditional mobile phone hotspots, such as short battery life, rapid power consumption, overheating, unstable signals, and limited connections.

HUAWEI 5G Mobile WiFi is equipped with the Balong 5000 chipset, which supports both the non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) networking modes, achieving a peak download rate of 1.65 Mbps over the wired 5 GHz network and a peak download rate of 867 Mbps over the Wi-Fi network. The Mobile WiFi series includes a standard edition and a Pro edition. The HUAWEI 5G Mobile Pro packs a whopping 8000 mAh battery for a staggering standby time of up to 40 days and can be used continuously for 10 hours under the 5G network. It not only supports 40 W super fast-charging, but also provides wired and wireless reverse charging for other mobile devices. The HUAWEI 5G Mobile WiFi has many features, such as Live streaming mode, up to 40 Mbps cross-device data transfer rate, and a code-scanning Wi-Fi connection mode, along with a sleek appearance and design.

The brand-new HUAWEI mobile router series is capable of converting the 5G/4G/3G/2G wireless network to Wi-Fi networks, providing network access via a network interface card or network cable, which effectively overcomes insufficient broadband coverage and allows for network access anytime and anywhere. With the rapid development of games, high-definition video, live streaming and other fields in the 5G era, users are looking for ever-better internet speed without the inconvenience of replacing existing equipment.

Vodafone Qatar is playing a leading role in the deployment and commercial availability of 5G. The company’s extensive 5G network covers key locations across the country, launched the country’s first 5G plans and 5G roaming services, starting with the United Kingdom.

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