Posted on August 23, 2017

Huawei is introducing the HUAWEI nova 2 Plus in Qatar, which boasts a bold a breakthrough in innovations that take user experience to the next level. HUAWEI nova 2 Plus features an upgraded camera that captures selfies like never before, an advanced audio experience, a stylish design, as well as an upgraded and powerful performance. Equipped with a unique 20MP high-definition front camera, a 12MP and 8MP rear dual camera and a professional portrait mode, the HUAWEI nova 2 and HUAWEI nova 2 Plus produce stunning selfies.

Clear selfies taken anytime, anywhere

The HUAWEI nova 2 Plus is equipped with a unique 20MP front camera and Huawei’s 3D facial recognition and optimized beauty to deliver crisp and clear portraits. Equipped with photography applications for every moment or scenario, the smartphone offers a high-quality selfie experience to young users. Featuring a range of intelligent algorithms including a portrait algorithm, the new smartphone offers high-resolution photography capabilities; it can enhance face shapes and skin colors, while studying the relative position of facial features and skin types as well as textures to deliver more natural and true-to-life portraits.

Moreover, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus includes fun front camera features. In low-light conditions, the HUAWEI nova 2 series uses the LCD screen flash with 11 color temperatures for different degrees of illumination – making portraits really pop out. The front camera also allows users to shoot selfies with a bokeh effect, creating the blurred background similar to that generated by wide-aperture professional portraits. With a new 10-level beautification mode and a new gesture shutter for taking pictures, perfect selfies are much easier to take.

The amazing front camera is complemented by a stellar rear camera. HUAWEI nova 2 Plus is equipped with a 12MP+8MP rear dual camera to capture more stunning and detailed images. The dual RGB lenses deliver optical zoom without compromising the image quality. For fast and precise focus in low-light environments, the rear camera features a F1.8 aperture. In addition to portrait mode, the bokeh effect can be adjusted after a picture is taken to achieve different visual effects.

Innovative Design: Cutting-edge Craftsmanship for a Stylish Look

The HUAWEI nova 2 Plus’ design is a testament to the power of creativity and innovation. Time and care have been taken to craft the simple and elegant design of the HUAWEI nova 2 series. From the 5.0/5.5-inch screen, to the smooth metallic unibody measuring as little as 6.9mm, special attention has been given to all aspects of the HUAWEI nova 2 and HUAWEI nova 2 Plus to ensure they cater to the busy lifestyles of young consumers. Huawei implemented a smooth, rounded design as opposed to sharp lines on the HUAWEI nova 2 series. This flowing design is continued on the rear of the device, where same-tone curved antennas appear in a symmetrical way instead of the conventional three-section layout, giving a seamless look and feel to the series. What’s more, the wave-textured power button is an industry first, adding a level of interest to an otherwise, very practical feature.

The HUAWEI nova 2 Plus features a unique shallow fingerprint design. Measuring only 0.1mm and cleverly located at the rear of the device, the sensor’s design reduces the chance of it collecting dirt and dust, ensuring continuous, seamless performance. Huawei’s flair for cutting-edge design is further evident in the attention paid to the bezel; decorated with an aluminum-magnesium alloy, cut with a high-precision CNC technique. Combined with a CD-like texture that catches the light, the device is truly one of a kind. The HUAWEI nova 2 Plus’ chic design and trendsetting selfie functionality is backed by the HUAWEI Kirin 659 chipset powerhouse. The combination of the Kirin 659 chipset with EMUI 5.1 and Android 7.0 ensures that the series will not slow down over time, and will continue to produce flawless performance.  

In addition to its thin and lightweight design, the HUAWEI nova 2 Plus sets itself apart on account of its exceptional battery life and quick charging solution. It takes the HUAWEI nova 2 Plus just 30 minutes to power-up to 39% and 43% respectively, a feature that is crucial for busy lifestyles. Long-lasting battery life is further ensured through Huawei’s Smart Power Saving 5.0, which can prolong battery life by up to three hours. The new series is also equipped with features including Eye Comfort 2.0, Phone Clone and Huawei Share, making the user experience more comfortable and efficient.

Professional Music: Theater-quality HiFi Music for A Super Audio Experience

Working in tandem with professional musicians, including Rainer Maillard, a Grammy Award-winning master who won the prize for Best Engineered Album, Classical, the HUAWEI nova 2 Plus delivers an incomparable audio experience, with upgraded software and hardware. HUAWEI nova 2 Plus features HiFi chips, which minimize distortion, harmonics, noise and other disturbance with audio processing to make music unforgettable. Huawei also applied the HUAWEI 2012 lab’s sound algorithm HUAWEI Histen for the first time – an algorithm that includes 10 targeted modules for various effects, such as 3D stereo sound.

To ensure premium sound quality, the HUAWEI nova 2 Plus supports aptX wireless Bluetooth technology, which, when it comes to videos and games, has the shortest time lag of all Bluetooth audio coding. This ensures a more synchronized image and sound experience, emulating that of a CD. The HUAWEI nova 2 Plus will be available in the following colors: Back, Gold and Blue in various markets across Qatar retailers at a price of QR 1399