Posted on June 19, 2018

Take a picture with maximum zoom on your smartphone. Now take a picture with the HUAWEI P20 Pro’s 5X hybrid zoom. The difference is remarkable! No more disappointing pixilated images and fuzziness. The new flagship smartphone from Huawei takes smartphone photography to the next level. By utilizing innovative technology, the HUAWEI P20 Pro can make photographs as stunning as ever, even if the camera is zoomed in to its maximum capacity.

The smartphone camera king- HUAWEI P20 Pro, built in collaboration with Huawei and Leica, produces a harmony of features, never seen in a Huawei flagship smartphone. Features which redefine the standards for premium hand-held devices, the HUAWEI P20 Pro outshines when placed in line with its competitors. In the history of smartphone technology, the action of zooming in on an image is never synonymous with superior quality images, a drawback that many smartphones faced in the past.  But Huawei and its pursuit for best-in-class technology have helped resolve this obstacle.

HUAWEI P20 Pro takes clearer 2 [].jpg

A hybrid between optical and digital technology, the smartphone enables its users to achieve maximum render quality from images which are zoomed in five times from their original frame. This produces shots which lack tacky, blurry effects produced by numerous other smartphones in the market. The HUAWEI P20 Pro captures stunning details as if you're standing right in front of the object and even when the camera zoom is utilized to the extreme, you can always capture the vivid colours and intricate details. The simple yet immensely important feature of zooming in, is essential to photography, as any photographer would attest to. By providing the best quality for each image with its 5X hybrid zoom feature, Huawei provides the tools to make any memory, scenery, urban landscape or portrait exceptional.

Beautiful distance shots can be captured using the dual camera smartphone, framing each detail as the naked eye sees it; smooth, and with details most smartphone cameras miss. Maintaining a natural white balance, the images which result from the 5X hybrid zoom, stay true to their real-life colours and contrasts. Travellers and photography enthusiasts are not the only ones encouraged to utilize this feature, as every single feature of HUAWEI P20 Pro is built to enable everyday consumer to effortlessly produce professional-quality photos. Daunting hallways, spiralling skyscrapers and winding landscapes, can all be framed to perfection with the HUAWEI P20 Pro’s camera.

The smartphone that’s receiving unprecedented applauses globally is packed to the brim with exciting features which serve a utilitarian purpose. The hybrid zoom being one of the many technological leaps in smartphone technology. The 40MP RGB camera acts as the perfect companion to any shot required, and the hybrid zoom feature is the perfect addition to a smartphone filled with surprise.


The HUAWEI P20 Pro is available now in Qatar. The stunning smartphone is available in Black, Blue and Twilight colors at a price of QAR 2,999.

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