Posted on October 16, 2016

Huawei released VideoSense, the first video experience visualization management solution at Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany last month.

The solution comes after Huawei noticed that using traditional measurements when dealing with and analyzing customers’ video experiences (especially with large numbers) fails to provide customers with efficient and proactive Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services in addition to mishandling faults. VideoSense shifts from this approach to a user experience-centric, proactive network management approach. It delivers video experience with visualized, manageable, and optimizable features to help operators achieve business success in the video era.

The solution provides proactive management on video experience from the perspectives of experience visualization, network optimization, and proactive O&M, enabling operators to improve their video experience guarantee capability. It does this through the core competence of Key Quality Indicator (KQI) detection for 2 million users and offers real-time collection of network-wide user experience data and uses U-vMOS to analyze and measure the video experience data, thus achieving visualized management of video experience for network-wide users.

Additionally, it identifies network issues such as congestion with sharper precision. Operators can optimize their networks based on identified issues, and this in turn enhances their investment efficiency.

"The increasing maturity of the Ultra-high-definition (UHD) video industry brings more and more opportunities for operators to provision video services. Managing and maintaining video experience for large-scale user deployment has become a common challenge for most operators," said He Yibo, Vice-President of Huawei Network Product Line. “VideoSense provides a multi-dimensional health measurement and analysis on operator networks. With problems now discovered in advance, proactive measures can be taken to prevent group faults, thereby ensuring improved service experience.”

The Huawei VideoSense solution has been deployed with operators, such as with China Mobile in their Shandong branch, and has received high recognition. As the leading fixed broadband solution provider, Huawei is committed to a proactive involvement in 4K networks, research on network transmission technologies and video experience guarantee. While enabling operators to build best user-experience video networks, Huawei is also providing efficient OAM solutions to boost business success and ensure monetization for operators in the video era.

“We aim to revolutionize the industry,” said, Huawei Qatar CEO, Zong Yan. “VideoSense is just one of the multiple solutions that Huawei aims to unveil in order to create a better connected world that is led by innovation and development.” During the same forum, Huawei outlined the UBB Roadmap for Telecom Operators and the “FMC 3.0” Business Proposition. The ICT solutions provider and leading global telecom operators, including BBF, Telefonica, TIM, KPN, Orange, du, as well as the Linux Foundation shared their viewpoints about the next-steps in the development of Ultra-Broadband.

The solution is an end-to-end management tool which aims to help operators build an on-demand, experience-driven, capillary network, and supporting new technologies including IoT, 4K video and superfast internet.