Posted on December 23, 2016

The Qatar e-Government Portal (Hukoomi) has recently signed agreements with a number of ministries on managing the online content and e-services available at the portal.

There are plans to implement more such agreements with all government agencies in Qatar to achieve the best possible functioning and connection with the audience, it was announced yesterday. The agreements Hukoomi signs are aimed at coordinating efforts in the management of online content and services – a step that significantly helps in providing higher-quality and more useful information and services not only for citizens, residents and visitors but also businesses, in line with the strategic goals and objectives laid down in the Qatar e-Government 2020 Strategy.

“We would like to thank all ministries and government agencies for their continuous co-operation with us, which has been making Hukoomi the single access point to all government information and services in Qatar,” said Tareq al-Emadi, manager, Government Portal Department. “These agreements are based on government policy to promote the effective use of information and communication technologies as part of the goal of building a knowledge-based society where e-services are available, safe and accessible to everyone,” he explained.

Hukoomi, Qatar’s e-Government Portal, was first launched in 2008. A new Hukoomi version was launched in 2010 with more improvements, enhancements, services and information. Phase three is currently under development, which, after completion, will be upgraded and enriched with more improvements and features. Hukoomi now provides nearly 1,300 online services, of which 650 are end-to-end for companies, citizens and residents covering the fields of healthcare, education, business, and many more. The portal also features a contact information directory that helps users reach ministries, government agencies and non-government institutions.

There are also sections for Qatar news and events that are updated on a daily basis, in addition to laws, legislations and local customs and traditions. In 2016 the portal was accessed about 4mn times a month, with up to 300 visitors from at least 180 countries visiting at any one time.

The Hukoomi team can be reached in various languages and through multiple channels; by phone on “109”, or fax at 44069998, SMS and e-mail; or even instant messaging and WhatsApp on 50078999.

source: Gulf Times