Posted on July 24, 2011

IBQ has announced that it has opened recruitment for its 2011 IBQ Qatari Scholarship Programme until 31 August 2011. Now in its third year, the programme runs in parallel to the bank’s permanent Qatari Development Programme (QDP) and offers full scholarships to Qatari students enrolling at university. The recruitment process which has been active for the last month is being supported by a media campaign aimed at high school graduates.

The IBQ Qatari Scholarship Programme currently has 30 students enrolled in both undergraduate and post graduate studies. As a pre-requisite of the scholarship programme, students must return and work in IBQ after graduation within the field of study. This is part of a long term plan for IBQ to support the training and recruitment of young Qatari talent.

George Nasra, Managing Director of IBQ said: "As a local bank it is our duty to young Qataris to encourage their entry into the banking and finance sector through such programmes. This is to ensure that we continue to grow our national work force for a sustainable future both for the bank and for young people who show talent, enthusiasm and ability.  We support Qatar’s 2030 Vision of a diversified and knowledge-based economy that will create more opportunities for youth. It is a vision that IBQ shares as a conscious corporate citizen that is committed to the welfare of the community, and the education and empowerment of young people. "

He added: “The two main pillars of our social responsibility principle are education and youth. We are firmly committed to the wellbeing of young people through a range of educational, cultural and awareness activities so that we can offer them the information and insight they need to make the right career choices.”

The scholarships for 2010 were offered to students enrolling in the fields of accounting, legal studies, IT and statistics.  These are seen as critical fields for Qatari students in which the bank is hoping to increase numbers of local graduates. The majority of the students on the programme are enrolled at Qatar University, College of The North Atlantic Qatar and Stenden University.

It is worth noting that IBQ received commendation in 2010 from the Ministry of Labour for its sustained efforts in the recruitment, training and retention of Qataris.

In 2011, the bank aims to expand the IBQ Qatari Scholarship Programme and is particularly targeting students interested in a wide range of subjects including accounting, finance, economics, banking, IT, law and Management Information Systems (MIS).