Posted on November 24, 2013

International Gulf Trading Company (IGTC)-Chubb Fire Qatar – the country’s leading supplier of fire safety equipment and security solutions – now offers the latest range and the newest generation of fire extinguishers – the Chubb FX and FX Specialist range.

In addition, to ensure the simplest way to upgrade fire protection equipment to the latest fire extinguishers from Chubb, IGTC-Chubb Fire Qatar also brings the FX Plus Service Plan. Under such plan, customers are assured of having new Chubb fire extinguishers to cover fire risks under a fixed price over three or five years.

The FX range is a new generation of fire extinguisher designed in response to customer demand. By incorporating innovative features, the FX range has the most user-friendly design of fire extinguishers released this century. The new quick release mechanism and ergonomically redesigned handle, lever and hose grip, makes Chubb’s FX range easier to use with many models that offer improved fire ratings.

In terms of the safety release mechanism, the traditional ‘pin’ that prevents the extinguisher from being discharged accidentally has been replaced with an Easy-Pull Clip with arrows to show a clear direction of ‘pull’ in order to activate the extinguisher. Furthermore, the photo-luminescent version ensures that the clip is visible even when lights fail. And once the clip is pulled, the word ‘USED’ then appears.

On the other hand, the FX Specialist range ensures that even the most challenging fires, which include cooking oils, chemicals and metals, can be quickly and safely extinguished in any environment. , such as heavy industrial plants, vehicles, on-board ships or in kitchens – anywhere that a ‘specialist’ need exists.

“As an acknowledged specialist in fire safety and fire prevention equipment, IGTC-Chubb Fire Qatar only brings the best and the latest technology in this field,” said Mr. Rami Batrawi, General Manager of IGTC-Chubb Fire Qatar. “Undoubtedly, not only does Chubb’s latest range of fire extinguishers assist in the prevention and spread of fires that may cause catastrophic harm and damage to life and property, it also offers the safest and easiest way to operate such fire extinguishers in order to facilitate its timely deployment whenever necessary.

“Significantly, it also offers a convenient way of ensuring that customers are equipped with the latest products under a fixed price,” he added. “Such offer truly puts the welfare of customers as top priority.”

The whole range of Chubb’s FX and FX Specialist fire extinguishers has been designed for environmental safety and recycling at end-of-life.

A household name for nearly 200 years, Chubb today is a leader in fire and security protection services to organisations of all sizes, worldwide. It is also accredited with all of the relevant industry bodies, such as: the Security by NSI (National Security Inspectorate), BSIA (British Security Industry Association), FIA (Fire Industry Association), and BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment). In addition, all of its products comply with the highest relevant British and/or European Standards and have been designed to minimise false alarms and generate the most effective response in accordance with the current Police or Fire Service response policies.