Posted on March 27, 2015
The ongoing large-scale infrastructure development works along several inner roads of Najma have hit traffic movement hard in the densely populated residential and business area, Gulf Times said.
The development works, which include laying new and changing existing water pipelines and putting drainage systems in place, have been under way in different parts of Najma for some months now and are expected to continue for at least another 3-4 months, according to companies executing the projects. Their officials further point out the works will spread to more areas in the neighbourhood in the coming months.
A visit to various locations in Najma close to C-Ring Road reveals that vehicular traffic as well as pedestrian movement on the roads has been affected by the ongoing works. While traffic snarls between the Gulf Cinema signal and the next signal near the Najma mosque on Najma Street are not new, nowadays even other roads - like those in the vicinity of Alfardan Exchange - are witnessing considerable traffic chaos, according to residents, shopkeepers and visitors to the area.

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Some residents point out that it is difficult for them to step out of home as infrastructure-related works are taking place almost everywhere in their immediate neighbourhood. Schoolchildren are among the biggest sufferers as buses ferrying them are sometimes diverted, both in the morning and afternoon, it is understood. Shopkeepers, too, complain about a drop in the number of customers, many of whom are seemingly avoiding business establishments in the area due to the prevailing traffic chaos. “During peak hours, it takes anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes to pass through Najma Street these days,” complains a city resident.
Meanwhile, owners of some of the new buildings that have come up in the area are said to be delaying plans to rent out their properties. A real estate agency, which recently took over a newly-built residential complex, is reportedly not sure whether to go ahead with agreements or seek a few months’ extension from the property owners. One of its officials said the ongoing works have “derailed” their plans as no tenant is willing to take possession of flats in the complex in the present circumstances. Access to a new medical centre in the area has also been affected by the works, it is found.