Posted on May 04, 2018

Indonesian businessmen are keen to contribute to Qatar's programmes geared towards food security by bringing more food and beverage products to the Qatari market, said Hendra Hartono, president of Indonesia Qatar Business Council (IQBC).

Speaking to the local media on the sidelines of the Indonesia Coffee Culture event held in cooperation with the Embassy of Indonesia at Flat White Coffee Shop in The Pearl on Wednesday, Hartono underlined the potential of Indonesia to give Qatar more choices when it comes to food and beverage. Among them, he said, is increasing the presence of Indonesian coffee products in Qatar.

The promotional event for Indonesia's top coffee variants was graced by Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar HE Muhammad Basri Sidehabi, Flat White Manager Erkal Aktepe and other guests from the local business community. "IQBC was formed last year to organise Indonesian businessmen who are willing to do business in Qatar. The organisation communicates with the government and local businesses to create activities and explore Qatari market. Indonesia has a huge potential to contribute to Qatar's self-sufficiency programmes. We want to give Qatar more choices when it comes to food and beverage by tapping local businessmen who can partner with Indonesian businesses," Hartono said.

He added that they have also requested Qatar Chamber for the creation of Qatar Indonesia Business Council to facilitate regular interaction among entrepreneurs of both countries. He also mentioned IQBC's plan to hold an Indo-Qatar Expo in November that would showcase a variety of Indonesian products. During the event, Hartono presented the five popular coffee variants from Indonesia that are being exported to Europe and other parts of the world. He said while there are already some shops in the country offering Indonesian coffee, they feel that there is a need to increase the presence of their variants in Qatar.

"Indonesia is among the world's top coffee producing and exporting countries. We have more than 30 coffee variants from different parts of Indonesia which have different taste profiles. Initially, we would like to introduce five of our top variants in Qatar. These are Bali Kintamani, Java Preanger, Aceh Gayo, Mount Kerinci and Toraja Highlands. There is a big presence of Indonesian coffee in other countries in the region and we hope to do the same in Qatar," he added.

Hartono said, they are looking for partners in Qatar to help in distributing their famous coffee.

source: Qatar Tribune