Posted on May 07, 2011

Jaidah Group, one of the most influential and successful conglomerates operating in Qatar, has further affirmed its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its ongoing operations with its support for the recent ‘Madame!’ fashion show that took place on May 3 at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Doha.

Last week’s ‘Madame!’ event was a joint collaboration between Grand Hyatt, and the French Embassy in Qatar, to raise funds for the Qatar National Cancer Society (QNCS). Jaidah Group made its presence felt at the venue, in the hotel’s sumptuous Al Maha lounge, by picking up dozens of tickets for the event to be distributed free to its partners and staff.

Jaidah Group’s Chief Development Officer, Mohamed Jaidah, said, “Our company is a Qatari institution and when opportunities arise to contribute to the well-being of this upcoming country, we grasp them. We are so fortunate to operate in a market that appreciates our efforts and that means we continually seek to give something back to society. When we heard about the ‘Madame!’ show, getting involved was an automatic choice.

from left, Grand Hyatt General Manager Mr. Garry Friend, French Ambassador to Qatar, HE Gilles Bonnaud, and renowned TV anchor Khalid al Jumaili

“Jaidah’s commitment to CSR is in everything we do. In the ‘Madame!’ event we saw the opportunity to further our societal activities. The show was great fun, it was classy, and Jaidah group was happy to get involved with an event that fused French glamour with the Arab ability to put on a great show. A worthy cause was supported here, and Jaidah Group applauds and supports that,” Jaidah said.

More than 400 people attended the catwalk show at Grand Hyatt, including some of Doha’s most high-profile personalities. A selection of ‘blue chip’ sponsors, including jewelers Tiffany & Co., provided raffle prizes while top-flight French chefs prepared exquisite food offerings for the masses.

“Jaidah Group is a big part of Qatari business and society. Where we see the opportunity to contribute to worthy causes like QNCS, we will be there. Together we will advance as a country – there is so much ambition and ability here – we’re so proud to be part of it,” Jaidah concluded.