Posted on July 27, 2019

After 125 years, Johnson’s® has announced a complete transformation of its brand and products in response to modern parenting needs and preferences.

The brand surveyed more than 26,000 parents around the region and the world, to ascertain the most pressing requirements for parents today. Acknowledging that everything about parenting has changed in the past 40 years and recognizing that a strong population of GCC millennial parents are adopting new parenting principles, Johnson’s® developed an all-new generation of baby care products that serve the pressing issues ofparents today. Labelled “a new standard of gentle”, the transformation focuses primarily on creating products for the changing demands and expectations of young mothers that have adopted asimpler, morenatural and eco-friendly approach to nurturing their children.

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Johnson's® also announced a commitment to finessing their global supply chain process and manufacturing more within the region. Almost half (47%) of what Johnson's® sells in Africa, Middle East and Turkey is manufactured in the region. Johnson's® succeeded in a 28 percent reduction in ingredient suppliers via consolidation. Investment in new equipment meant greater efficiency of standardized platforms, reducing manufacturing sites by 51 percent. Reduction in energy use at internal manufacturing sites by up to 20 percent, ensuring a reduced environmental footprint.

“This is a proud and pivotal milestone for Johnson’s®,” says Vivian Nasamu-Odior, Marketing Director of Johnson’s® Baby for Africa, Middle East and Turkey. “We have taken modern parenting and put it at the very heart of ourevolved Johnson’s® range.Each product is carefully crafted to be the gentlest it can be, while enhancing the connection and experience between parent and child at every stage of their development. We believe in a gentle world and want to be gentle with our children, their dreams and ambitions, which is reflected in every aspect of our completely new range and characterised by our five promises”.

The new range incorporates new formulasthat are simpler and gentler, and are developed to be even milder than before, boasting 100 percent total ingredient transparency. Using more naturally derived and 50 percent feweringredients, the new range is even kinder without dyes and sulphates, and as always is free of parabens and phthalates. Johnson’s® ingredient transparency and easier to read ingredient labels offers parents clarity and reassurance that they are choosing the best for their baby.

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Recognizing that the Middle East climate adds extra demands for baby’s skincare, the new range offers improved conditioning across the haircare range and the right amount of moisturisation, without altering the feeling of baby’s natural skin. In addition, the new range is easier to use. Ergonomic bottles that prevent leaking are fitted with pumps for convenient, one-hand use, allowing parents’ attention to remain focused on baby. The Johnson's® line now ranges from newborn to active baby, to kids. This includes the new cottontouch™ collection blended with real cotton, and the expanded‘kids’ line designed for an interactive, stimulating bath time experience to help develop communication and social skills.