Posted on August 06, 2018

Location: 15th floor, Tornado Tower


In brief: There seems to be no limit in terms of creativity when it comes to coin new terms describing innovation-related strategies: Reverse Innovation; Open Innovation; Design Thinking; Jugaad; Co-innovation; Lead-user Innovation; Platform Innovation. Experience shows us that over the long term a two-fold trend has been taking place, consisting in “de-concentrating” innovation, both in terms of the number of stakeholders (who is involved) and locations (where does innovation takes place). In this session, Professor Dalsace will give an overview of 140 years of company innovation. Proposing “nine waves of innovations”, he will provide both context and structure to explain the main concepts. Attendees will be given key references and opportunities to support the professor in writing his new book entitled “eco-systemic innovation”.




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9 September 2018