Posted on September 26, 2013

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has received a new award for its new achievement in the fields of sustainability projects and corporate social responsibility programs.

The new felicitation was added to Kahramaa’s ongoing National Campaign for the Conservation and Efficient use of Water and Electricity (Tarsheed), namely, MENA Sustainable Living Plan Award 2013, constituted by Unilever, a renowned International entity for supporting sustainability- related projects and Corporate Social Responsibility’s initiatives in Qatar.

The National campaign which is being executed with the slogan “Keep Qatar Pulsing. Consume Wisely” has achieved many appreciations in and abroad Qatar with its positive results being surfaced in society. It was launched for five years in 2012 in solidarity of Earth- Day which falls every year on April 22.


Kahramaa, through this campaign, aims at rationalizing the consumption of water and electricity and intensifying the culture of conservation of vital resources in Qatar. The massive campaign, through its multi- folded strategies and programs, aims at reaching all segments of the society and Kahramaa’s customers to create awareness for the noble cause. It motivates the whole society to work together for a social cause, contributing to the goals and ambitions of the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030.

The prime target of the campaign is to reduce the per capita water and electricity consumption in Qatar by 35% & 20%, respectively during five years. Keeping in view the growing population and rising demands of electricity and water in Qatar, Kahramaa’s Tarsheed campaign is heading towards fulfilling the goals and ambitions of the National Vision by reducing resources’ wastages and protecting environment simultaneously.