Posted on August 28, 2018

Over 50,000 people visited Kahramaa Awareness Park (KAP), an ambitious initiative to promote the culture of conservation of electricity and water consumption among children, since its opening in April last year.

The visitors include school students of different age groups, delegations from government organisations, individuals and families, said Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa). KAP received over 150 young boys and girls from summer camps and youth centers on daily basis during months-long summer vacation. Visitors can register online to book an appointment to visit KAP at

The registration process is very easy as the system requires school name, details and contact number of representative of a group of school students seeking a visit. Other visitors can register by entering their names, telephone numbers and e-mails. During summer vacations, KAP emerged as first destination for summer camps and youth centers which run educational and awareness programmes for school students utilizing their vacation, said Kahramaa in a statement. The visits came under summer activities of National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) run by Kahramaa which aims at creating awareness about the program.

The visitors were educated about Tarsheed law and its rules and regulations and got adequate information about energy efficiency and renewable energy. More than 150 young girls and boys (4-18 years) from over 20 summer camps and youth centers visited Kahramaa Awareness Park per day during summer vacation. The visiting entities include Al Gharrafa Club, Al Khor Sport Club, Summer Camps of Aspire and Qatar Science and Technology Park, Al Kaban Youth Center, Al Henzab Center for Learning and Memorising Holy Quran among many more.

KAP run by Kahramaa aims at educating kids about conservation of water and electricity use and teaching them about the importance of resources. From life cycle of water to wind energy, solar power to kinetic energy, gas turbine models to water recycling, every subject is there to be taught to children with the help of games, cartoon characters, audio, video aides. With the help of Tarsheed program, Kahramaa is using KAP as an awareness platform to educate youth and develop their personality and talents in collaboration with youth centers and summer camps.

KAP is now running activities which are being organised under the sixth edition of the initiative “Namtalik Al Mustaqbil Al Shabbiya” (we have a young future) which was launched in 2015. The initiative aims at increasing contributing of youths in social and human development to meet Qatar National Vision 2030 related to youth entitled “first step is most important step”.

source: The Peninsula