Posted on August 16, 2016

Within Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “Kahramaa” mission towards providing sustainable electricity and water with high quality for better living in Qatar, Water Network Affairs has connected 1913 new properties with water network during second quarter of 2016.

The section also has solved 12926 of customers complaints and had many preventive and corrective maintenance works for 163 of water constructions such as water pumping plants and water tanks. In the second Quarter, new water networks have been established in lengths reached 36 km and their diameters size range from 100 m to 900 m in order to improve performance of water network and connected them with new customers. Moreover, a water reservoir has been established at Al-Wukair area with size of 9 million gallons to enhance water pumping and increase water storage energy in the area.

The average of strategic reserved water has been preserved in range of 90% of the total storage while the actual loses water of the network reduced to 4.3% of the water amount that transmitted and distributed by water networks. So, the consumption average during the second quarter of this year becomes 320 million gallon daily. These efforts comes within Corporation continual endeavor towards providing best services for its customers and to keep in pace with meeting the growing demand results of the large increase in the number of customers in the light of overall development witnessed by the State of Qatar.