Posted on February 01, 2011

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation "KAHRAMAA" held the second open employment day at KM2. The two day event came within KAHRAMAA endeavor to achieve its mission of Qatarization and its commitment to provide vacancies for promising Qatari nationals. This trend is manifested in Human Resources Department (HR) functions and tasks.

Human Resources Department (HR) Manager, Eng. Khamis Ahmed Al-Mohannadi said, "Nominees were interviewed during the open employment day. They were selected according to the employment advertisement posted on KAHRAMAA website and recently in local newspapers.” adding that the several applications we received encouraged us to hold the second employment day. Al-Mohannadi clarified that applications were sorted, in cooperation with different departments, as per nominee education level and experience. Ten departments interviewed the nominees. The first day included Finance, Information Technology, Public Relations, Electricity Planning, Materials, Water Laboratory, and Operation and Maintenance (Water) Departments. The second day was assigned for Customer Services, Human Resources, and Legal Departments.

During the open employment day, 53 nominees of Qatari cadres and graduates were interviewed for the targeted jobs in different fields to determine the most suitable. These procedures are meant to attract the greatest number of Qataris for the interest of KAHRAMAA in fulfillment of Qatar vision 2030.

"Maximise the employment of capable Qatari nationals, and develop them to the competence level of employees in leading international companies" is one of the four objectives KAHRAMAA endeavors to achieve. It is reflected in all HR activities and tasks as the department is responsible for the achievement of this objective. HR strategy for the activation of Qatarization policy focuses mainly on two areas; it increases the number of Qatari employees along with attracting and motivating others to join KAHRAMAA; and at the same time it applies well designed vocational capacity building programs for its employees." HR Manager commented.

Al-Mohannadi pinpointed that interviews in the open employment day included not only nominees for permanent jobs but also nominees for scholarships and training at KAHRAMAA. Scholarship program in KAHRAMAA is one of the best programs in the State. It is meant for the high quality qualification and capacity building of students expected to assume technical and administrative jobs in KAHRAMAA for the Qatarization of such jobs. It should encourage Qatari youth to involve in scientific specifications in a way increases the number of professional Qataris in KAHRAMAA. The main objective of the scholarship program is achieving student security by providing facilities and support to all students.

The open day included as well interviews with nominees to join general training programs meant to attract Qatari nationals at intermediate to university education levels to be employed in certain jobs in KAHRAMAA while receiving the required education and training. This includes intermediate and secondary graduate programs, in addition to diploma, university, and postgraduate (Master degree) scholarship programs.

It is worth to mention that, within the employment day, 12 university graduates and 12 intermediate level nominees have been appointed in addition to 6 scholarships.
KAHRAMAA has designed an ambitious program for Qatarization to annually increase the number of Qatari employees by 2% during the coming five years for Qatarization to hit 50% of total employees by the end of 2012.