Posted on September 08, 2013

Qatar General Electricity and water Corporation “Kahramaa” held 2013 second corporate performance review (CPR) meeting. It comes within the follow up of Kahramaa 2013-2018 plans considering the Corporation key role in Qatar sustainable development projects and within transparency Kahramaa pursues. The CPR reviewed and evaluated performance, strategic plans, and work progress in a way promotes Kahramaa values.

Electricity sector:

Kahramaa managed to achieve its message of meeting Qatar needs for electricity and water at the highest quality and lowest cost. Electricity sector has witnessed various achievements during 2Q 2013 compared to 1Q 2013. Network reliability has increased as per System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) from 5.8 to 15.4 and System Average Interruption Frequency Index (SAIFI) from 0.05 to 0.03. Kahramaa network has shown noticeable readiness in terms of cables, transformers, and OHL. Kahramaa managed to meet demand increase for electricity. Peak load has increased by 34% (5605 MW in 2Q compared with 5685 MW in 1Q). However Kahramaa maintained a surplus amounted to 36% of consumed energy.

Water sector

Water demand has increased from 1.164 mm3 in 1Q to 1.336 mm3 in 2Q. Network reliability in terms of production and transmission recorded 100% while it amounted to 99.98 % for distribution. Kahramaa has maintained its high water quality level from biological and chemical aspects. As for water projects in 2Q, Kahramaa managed to offer and implement various projects atop of which is the tender for Mega Reservoirs Corridor Main 1 Pipelines.


Customer services

The number of electricity customers was 284,306 in 1Q while it reached 285,659 in 2Q, on the other hand the number of water customers also increased as it reached 235,741 in 2Q while it was 234,335 in 1Q. Quality of services and work progress for strategic projects are given high priority by Kahramaa to maintain the high quality of services. Call centre responded to 95.9% of calls and electricity and water standby teams managed to restore service in a very short time at an average of 3.30 and 6 hours respectively.

The national program “Tarsheed”

The national program “Tarsheed” witnessed great progress in terms of energy efficiency. It aims to achieve environment sustainability and increase the awareness of electricity and water conservation. Electricity per capita consumption decreased by 10.5 % during the period from January – June 2013 comparing with the same period of 2012 while it decreased by 16 % in 2Q compared with 1Q.