Posted on November 18, 2017

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “Kahramaa” recently held the Corporate Performance Review (CPR) of the 3rd quarter 2017 to review corporate performance.

The meeting was chaired by Kahramaa President H.E. Eng. Essa bin Hilal Al-Kuwari in the attendance of Kahramaa Directors, Managers, Head of Sections. The CPR is meant to review and evaluate performance and work progress as per the approved plans in a way promotes Kahramaa values.

The meeting reviewed the performance development of the different departments, work progress in current projects, challenges encountered, and executive procedures taken to overcome in accordance to business plans and adopted programs, especially in the highlight of current circumstances witnessed by the State. The indicators show high performance in the 3Q of 2017, especially key departments, where Kahramaa has succeeded in providing State’s needs of electricity and water around clock.

As for the technical performance of electricity transmission and distribution networks, the technical performance indicators for the networks recorded high levels compared to global indicators. System minutes lost (SML) - transmission, 0.10 minutes. (SAIFI) index of average interruptions frequency in 3Q kept its good performance at 0.09 times. As well, (SAIDI) index of average interruptions duration recorded 7.65 minutes which is a very good average. The overall water quality was higher than the World Health Organization standard. Water Reserve Margin was 14%, and Water Network Leaks (Real Losses) recorded a low average of 3.9%. As a result of the use of GPS systems, customer services KPIs witnessed remarkable improvement by 10% in 3Q 2017.

On the other hand, Kahramaa financial performance improved in terms of collection and revenues. Thus subsidies reduced which promotes Kahramaa endeavors towards achieving sustainability.

As for major projects, Kahramaa has opened a new electricity building plant and car parking located at Grand Hamad Street. It consists of electricity transmission station with 66/11 Kilo Volt and 6 floors that have about 270 parking spaces for cars with a total coast of 155 million QR. The plant building and parking aims at promoting electricity services at the areas with heavy electrical loads due to the increasing demand as well as contributing to solve the traffic jam problems and lack of car parks. Moreover, the daily water production of Umm Al Hool plant has reached 60 Million gallons which led to increase production capacity by 15%. It considers as an additional contributing to water security level for the State of Qatar which enhances Kahramaa's ability to meet its commitments towards providing sustainable and high-quality service.

The Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) network has been connected to six district cooling plants as an alternative for the potable water which will contribute in saving approximately 4.7 million cubic meter of potable water valued 38 MQR. The number of plants using (TSE) will be raised to reach 13 by the end of 2017. The total saving of desalinated water is expected to reach 56.88 million cubic meters by 2022 which is equivalent to 452 MQR.  On the other hand, the 3Q of 2017 has witnessed a reduction of 12.6 units of natural gas consumption which is equal to approximately 130 MQR, due to adopting the operational coast reduction program. The statues monitoring system of the transmission and distribution network has succeeded in saving about 45 MQR.  

Security and Safety indicators showed high performance. Strategic water reservoirs project reached 91 million man hours without Lost Time Injury (LTI) in 3Q 2017. Kahramaa has also organized health campaigns for Employees organized as part of Workplace Wellness Program. At the end of the meeting, H.E. Al-Kuwari expressed his appreciation of the accomplishments achieved and the great development of Kahramaa business and projects in 3Q 2017. He also hailed the efforts of Kahramaa staff who contributed to the development Kahramaa witnessed at all levels. Al-Kuwari stressed Kahramaa commitment to anticipate the future and efficiently meet Qatar needs of electricity and water.