Posted on September 20, 2016

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” invites all customers through National Program for Conservation & Energy Efficiency “Tarsheed” to reduce lighting consumption by replacing the (Tungsten) lamps with energy saving bulbs (LED).

By using LED bulbs, you will get better energy efficiency from 10 up to 18 folds than incandescent one. Thus, you will consume less electricity by up to 80% which contributes in saving state’s energy as a whole where the lighting consumes 10-15% of the total energy consumption of building. The LED bulbs also produce less heat with no harmful carbon emissions as regular bulbs (Tungsten). Thus, LED is environment’s friend, more comfortable for eyes, and better for the family’s health. 

KAHRAMAA, through the National Program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency "Tarsheed", managed in collaboration with Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and other concerned authorities in the state to issue regulations to ban the import of (Tungsten) bulbs 75 and 100 watts in 2015 and the actual application for this ban had been started in May 2016 after giving a chance for the suppliers to enhance their conditions. That comes within KAHRAMAA efforts and the National Program’s objectives to preserve the state’s resources and reduce the harmful carbon emissions.     

Ordinary Bulbs (Watt)

LED Bulbs (Watt)










 A table clarifies the difference of electricity energy consumption of ordinary bulbs and LED bulbs

The customer also could conserve lighting consumption via following other simple steps such as availing of sunlight during day time as much as possible especially those who have walls painted with light colors which let them avail of largest amount of natural light. Moreover, turning of all lights after leaving room and unused rooms is reducing the electricity consumption. In addition, the appropriated and studied design of the bulbs places in the rooms and buildings by specialists to avail of energy efficient usage because the frugality lighting in modern buildings is 8 watts per square meter.    

Tarsheed’s law No. 20 for the year 2015, stipulated that keeping the building’s external lightings lit between 7 am to 4:30 pm is against law and the fine is 10 thousands Riyals. The law also stipulated on necessity of installing lighting timers (Timers) in all building to control the external lighting according to the adopted conditions of KAHRAMAA.       

KAHRAMAA, through Tarsheed; has developed standards, specifications, and continuous upgrades for devices and equipment of lighting and plumbing. It also studies and makes surveys periodically to develop requirements and technical standards for devices, tools, and equipment to keep in pace with modern techniques used in this field. In addition to linking them with the requirements of getting building permit to ensure highest level of energy efficiency usage in the buildings which achieves conservation in consuming, results benefits in saving the natural resources of the state, and reduces the harmful carbon emissions for sustainable healthy environment.     

Finally, KAHRAMAA invites everybody to collaborate with the objectives of the National Program For Conservation & Energy Efficiency “Tarsheed” to preserve resources of electricity and water by reducing consumption and save environment to attain overall sustainability for us and the coming generations within its social responsibility of promoting the abilities of infrastructure for of electricity and water sectors.