Posted on December 25, 2012

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “Kahramaa” launched an awareness campaign under the theme of “your commitment makes difference” to aware customers of Conservation law No. 26. It comes within Kahramaa endeavor to disseminate and promote the culture of conservation and optimal use of electricity and water within its endeavor to achieve the sustainable environmental development as one of the four pillars of QNV 2030.

Kahramaa, represented by Conservation and Energy Efficiency Department, aims to educate customers of violations that incur fines as per the law. It is also meant to establish the principals provided for in the law. The overarching aim of the campaign is to raise the awareness of society members of the value of reducing consumption and achieving the optimal use of resources. It also highlights the negative impacts of the unreasonable consumption.

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The campaign stresses Kahramaa commitment to provide the technical advice for customers to raise their awareness of water and energy efficiency. It also educate people of Conservation Law No. 26, warn against violations and fines, and procedures taken in case of violations.

The most noticeable frequent violations are using potable water for washing cars or cleaning building yards by a hose or any other flushing tools, Leaving the damaged or broke-down parts of the water internal network (taps, pipes etc)that cause water leak, and leaving the outdoor lights, switched on from 7 am to 4.30 pm.

Kahramaa has approved the best ways and techniques to reach the target audience at all ages and classes by presenting the articles of the law simply to all the public. The campaign urges people to think of the gravity of violating the law, the solutions, and fines.