Posted on April 19, 2015

The Cultural Village Foundation “Katara” holds the Fifth Strategic Leaderships Forum on Tuesday, April 21. This comes in response to the enormous success of the previous forums in terms of representation from both private and government sectors in Qatar and abroad.

In this occasion Dr. Khaled bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, General Manager of the Cultural Village foundation “Katara”, advised that convening the Fifth Forum is an indication to the success of this significant forum. It turned into an umbrella under which senior officials, executives, and workers in the strategies field meet. They attend to participate, learn, discuss, and adopt the best practices in the field of strategic planning pertinent to their industries.      

In the same vein, Dr. Al Sulaiti stated continuum of this forum in a periodical manner is to replicate different experiences, learn, and support state institutions and entities working in the field of strategic leaderships. This goes hand in hand with Katara’s vision and the strategy launched last year and in response to the national strategic objectives pertinent to the cultural sector. He also noted that the forum is an important opportunity to bring together senior officials, executives, and workers specialized in the strategies sector in Qatar.

Dr. Al Sulaiti added that the five year strategic plan of Katara, together with these forums and exchange of expertise, have helped us to support the cultural movement in our foundation according to the standard performance indicators. They also encouraged to unlock creative capabilities and turned the Cultural Village into the right medium to foster and trigger the activities in the fields of culture, creativity, intellect, and arts. He pointed that Katara has become a home for creative and cultured people, and a place to disseminate cultural awareness through festivals, exhibitions, seminars, and other cultural activities. This is in addition to its orientation towards conducting research and studies related to the objectives and activities of the foundation. Similarly, it has publications and periodicals that express the objectives and activities of the Cultural Village that accord with Qatar National Vision 2030.

He further noted to the significance of the cooperation with Palladium International Group in implementing the strategy, which is a participant in the Strategic Leaderships Forum. He pointed to the role of forums and pre-planning in positively impacting the course of work of Katara. It has witnessed a significant leap in its performance, mission, and programmes. It also draws a critical stage through implementing a strategy that accords with Qatar National Vision 2030.

Dr. Khaled al Jaber, the Strategic Affairs Consultant in the Cultural Village Foundation “Katara”, expressed that the foundation appreciates the ongoing communication, contribution, holding workshops that deal with drafting and implementing strategic plans on the local, regional, and global levels. He also stressed on the importance of holding the Fifth Strategic Leaderships Forum in Katara. Furthermore, he noted that the forum realized its objectives since its launch in 2013, when it turned into a minaret that brought together experts, specialists, researchers, interested people, and workers in the field of strategies in different sectors in order to exchange expertise, and long term plans that are set to reach to the best practices and replicas of successful models within the best international standards.

Al Jaber also stated that the forum will discuss in its sessions and workshops on 21 April the best criteria in linking strategies with the national budget of an institution to reach to the best practices. The forum also aims to provide participants with the basic concepts of strategic planning when creating the main budget and learning about the comprehensive model for the planning process. Their ability to see and analyze the environmental effects will be improved, in addition to dealing with risk factors according to the respected business of these institutions.

Dr. Al Jaber confirmed the participation of Dr. James Creelman, the head of research at Palladiuumbm International Group and a professional trainer in the implementation of strategies. He is also specialized in administrative risk management and the balance scorecards for regulating the financial services. He is an expert in the global economy and has published around 23 books in in the financial strategic planning. Other participants in the forum are a group of senior officials, executive managers, and workers in different sectors of economy in Qatar to discuss all issues and developments in this vital sector.

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The forum has gained much publicity locally, regionally, and globally; Dr. Al Jaber advised. “It is organized in conjunction with the Palladium International Group and under the supervision of David Norton and a group of international experts in the field of strategies and executive leadership. It is one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of providing assistance to institutions in creating and implementing their strategies. The executive framework for Katara will benefit from the participation and presence of its founder. This is in addition to the adoption of the values, vision, and mission of the Cultural Village Foundation in the coming years with defining the areas and setting the objectives that are in line with those visions in the wake of having measurable quantitative indications after implementation and upon assessment.” He said.

Dr. David Norton, the international expert in the strategic performance management, pointed to the fact that the development Qatar is witnessing in all levels which has helped in making these forums continue to succeed. They help an institution to draw a road map to the future of the institution through creating the vision and mission statements, implementing programmes, doing the actions, resolving problems, and coming up with appropriate solutions according to the international standards. This requires the need to come up with a strategy that focuses on qualifying leaders, and creating a well-laid administrative plan that can lead to realize the desired objectives.

David Norton is the head of Palladium International Group. It is an organization that facilitates the efficient use of balanced scorecards for performance worldwide as a managing process that incurs an added value. He formerly was the head of Renaissance Solution Inc. It is an international consultancy, founded in 1952. Prior to that, he had contributed to the finding of Nolan, Norton & Co. where he was the president for 17 years before it was repossessed by KPMG.

Dr. Norton had delivered several lectures and authored many books and articles. His work in the field of balanced scorecards was the topic of many articles and government conferences. He also co-authored four articles with Dr. Robert S. Kaplan for Harvard Business Review Journal, and he published the following two books:

  • The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action. Harvard Business School Press, 1996.
  • The Strategy-Focused Organization: How Balanced Scorecard Companies Thrive in the New Competitive Environment. Harvard Business School Press, 2000.

The first book was translated into 19 different languages while Ernst & Young rated the second one as the best business book in 2000. Meanwhile, The Balanced Scorecard concept was selected by the editors of the Harvard Business Review as one of the most influential management ideas of the past 75 years. Norton and Kaplan were among the 15 most influential people on the intellectual and practical aspects in the realm of business.

David Norton obtained a doctorate in business administration from Harvard University, an MBA from Florida State University, a MSc. in operations research from Florida Institute of Technology, and a BSc. in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he also served as a member of the board of trustees. The latest Forum for Strategic Leaderships was held in April 2014 in the Cultural Village Foundation “Katara” with the participation of the strategic expert Dr. David Norton and a number of international experts in the fields of strategies and executive leaderships.


  • Dr. Al Sulaiti: The forum turned into an umbrella under which senior officials and workers in the field of strategies meet.
  • Dr. Al Jaber: We endeavor to exchange expertise and successful models in the region and worldwide.
  • Dr. Norton: The development in Doha has helped in making these forums successful.