Posted on June 20, 2015

To celebrate the Holy Month with the spirit of compassion and value of giving, Katara, the Cultural Village, will kick off Ramadan Festival with more than 70 educational, cultural and sports events that cater to all segments of society from Friday, said Qatar Tribune.

To be held under the theme 'Miracles and Inventions', the festival will shed light on the scientific miracles in the Holy Quran and the achievements of Muslim scholars in various Islamic eras through a rich programme featuring lectures, seminars and exhibitions. The rest of the festival's activities include a number of cultural and entertainment events being held in various buildings across the Cultural Village, in addition to the launch of Katara's first Beach Volleyball Championship and the fifth Katara Beach Soccer Tournament.

Scientific and Religious Lectures:

Throughout the month of Ramadan, in collaboration with Qatar Charity, Katara will host a series of religious lectures to be delivered by a group of senior scholars and preachers from Qatar and the Arab and Muslim world during Tarawih prayers. From 9pm to 10pm, a number of religious and scientific lectures will also be held at Building 18, on topics such as the Book of Miracles in the Month of Invention, Ancestors' Achievements in Ramadan and Fasting Numerical Miracles.

Quran Memorisation Sessions:

Continuing on its tradition of educating children on the values and merits of the Holy Quran, Katara is launching the 4th Edition of Katara Quran Memorisation Sessions. Between 10am and 11:30am, boys will be able to participate in the sessions at the Katara Mosque while the Katara Golden Mosque will be hosting Quran Memorisation Sessions for girls.

Interactive Book Exhibition:

The Interactive Book Exhibition will allow visitors to learn more about the scientific achievements of a group of Muslim scholars with the touch of a finger. Readers of all ages can browse through a collection of digital books and rare manuscripts of high scientific value. Selected books include Js\'e2bir ibn Hayy\'e2n''s three alchemy books as well as 'The Essentials of Arithmetic' by Bahs\'e2'' al Ds\'een Muhammad ibn Husayn al \'c2mil\'ee, a famous polymath and intellectual luminary of Safavid Persia. The Exhibition will run from June 22 to July 22 at Katara''s Building 19 - Gallery 1.

Inventions Exhibition:

Another exhibition that will run from June 22 to July 22 at Katara's Building 19 is the Inventions Exhibition at the Building's 'Gallery 1'. Unlike the Interactive Book Exhibition, Inventions Exhibition goes a few steps beyond scrolling pages on a 2-D flat screen and lets its visitor watch live models of some of the leading inventions made by Muslim scholars in various fields of engineering, medicine, astronomy and optics via Hologram technology.

Modeled inventions include the astrolabe (an inclinometer used in locating and predicting the positions of stars and planets and, in the Islamic world, to calculate the Qibla direction and find the times for prayers), Physicist Ibn al Haytham's 'cabin' (a simple version of what is now known as the camera) and Engineer and Chemist Hassan al Rammah's torpedo.

Ibn Battuta Tour:

From education to edutainment, Katara has a number of events lined up for its visitors who like to be entertained while learning something new, in addition to some purely entertaining activities for children.

The Ibn Battuta tour gives Katara visitors a chance to re-live the famous traveller's adventures around the world. The tour begins at Katara Esplanade Gate 12, with each carriage accommodating four passengers per track. Passengers will hear about the tales of Ibn Battuta as they tour around Katara's alleyways, including a tour of the 'market', after which the carriage returns to Gate 12 to pick up new passengers. Ibn Battuta tour at Katara is open to visitors between 8:30pm and midnight every day from June 23 to July 6 at Katara Esplanade Gate 12.

Al Hakawati (The Storyteller):

Katara's Corniche, on the other hand, will have its own Hakawati (Storyteller) corner, where the teller tells the tales and anecdotes of Muslim scholars, thinkers, philosophers and travellers' achievements and contributions throughout the ages. The Storyteller corner will be located within the 'market' area, where 19 pavilions have been allocated for the exhibition and sale of traditional products from 9pm to 11:30pm during most of the Holy Month's nights (June 25 27, June 30 July 4 and July 8 11).

Sports Events:

As for the two sports competitions in this year's Ramadan Festival, Katara's first Beach Volleyball Championship and the fifth Katara Beach Soccer Tournament will both be held at Katara's Beach between 9:30pm and 11:00pm from June 20 to July 18.

Other Activities:

Other events and activities to take part in the festival include the Dome Cinema at the Amphitheatre, the Puppet Show Theatre at the Market, Lectures on the Way of Life at Building 16, Find Your Treasure Competition and a number of workshops that cover arts and craftsmanship.