Posted on December 20, 2014

Katara, the Cultural Village, on Thursday dazzled its visitors with an array of spectacular educational, entertainment and cultural activities to mark the Qatar National Day, said Qatar Tribune. The activities that kicked off at 10am continued till 10pm.

Speaking on the occasion, Katara's General manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti said,"Katara is pleased to celebrate Qatar National Day, our homeland in which we live in welfare, safety and security. The festivities are a message of love and loyalty to our wise leadership for the huge efforts in raising Qatar's profile and rank among the world's developed countries and nations." He added,"Katara translated its love for this land and leadership into action and achievements that confirm our continued commitment to honour our country's name as a cultural institution seeking to enrich the local art and culture scene, while at the same time attracting local and international audiences." 

The 42 events and activities have been distributed to several locations, mostly along Katara's Corniche and will continue till Friday for the visitors to enjoy. Organised in collaboration with more than 20 different public and private institutions, the festivities include marine activities, military, horses and motorcycle parades, heritage tents and competitions, in addition to power parachuting, awareness initiatives and an all-new 'Katara FM' radio station.

Military shows thrill spectators

At the Amphitheatre, visitors were thrilled with the military shows performed by the Qatar Amiri Guard, featuring a silent military parade as well as army rifles and fire shots shows. The Amiri Guard also showcased 14 horses in national costumes, eight of which toured Katara's Corniche, four were available for photo shoots with visitors, while the remaining two toured the Cultural Village's alleyways.

Gifts delight Katara's visitors

Katara's Public Relations Department also distributed valuable gifts. The visitors expressed their delight with the gift items, which they said are fit for the occasion as it is inspired by Qatari folklore. The gift package was accompanied by a booklet that contains an explanation of how to prepare Arabic coffee as well as another entitled 'Tarahib wa Salloum', which includes a number of local terms with Arabic and English commentary to introduce local heritage and culture to tourists and visitors, reflecting the country's richness of language and civilisation.

Katara FM radio launched

Katara launched its very own 'Katara FM' radio station on internal radio wave 95.1, which sheds light on all the events and activities and programmes that are held at the village. Currently, the radio broadcast is focusing on national day festivities.

Market offers a taste of Heritage

Built in the old traditional Qatari houses style, the Katara Cultural Market featured traditional gifts, ceramics, prayer beads and Islamic antiques, as well as a gallery for used books. The market is open to visitors from 9am to 12pm and 5pm to 10pm. 

The Land.gif

Book of loyalty a crowd favorite

Among the crowd's favourite activities at Katara was the 'Book of Loyalty', a gigantic book spread for visitors to sign. People from all walks of life lined up to write words of love and gratitude in different languages and dialects on its pages. 

Tale of a homeland

One of the festivities' novelties, 'The tale of a homeland' offered spectators an opportunity to witness the country's renaissance through an audio-visual display broadcast via eight windows with attached headphones.

Al Gannas display snipers' culture

With a traditional tent erected on Katara's Corniche, The Qatari Society of Al Gannas (Sniper Association) continued to participate in the celebrations for the second day in a row. The tent features a photo gallery of previous sniper championships as well as a number of mummified deer, falcons, foxes and rabbits. The tent also introduces younger generations to the ancient sport by distributing a number of posters of the hawks and gifts as well as the association's upcoming hunting and falcons festival, which will run from January 1 till January 31, 2015.

Restaurants Dress in Burgundy

Katara restaurants were spruced up with Qatari flags while all staff and employees dressed in traditional costumes. Mamig, restaurant's manager, expressed her pleasure to welcome diners and share in their celebrations of the national day with a rich menu of food and beverages for free as a contribution to the festivities.

Cultural and social: Center for the Deaf 

To stress their keenness to be a part of the national day celebrations, the Qatari Cultural and Social Center for the Deaf contributed to Katara's festivities with special contests conducted in sign language as well as showcasing a number of drawings and products derived from Qatar's heritage. The centre's Director Moza al Mansouri said that the centre's participation shows the deaf segment of society's keenness to play an active role in national events and express their feelings of loyalty and gratitude to their homeland.

Heritage tents, art exhibitions

Katara also erected a number of heritage tents along its Corniche, including one poetry house for Al Galayel Championship featuring displays of the achievements of Al Galayel and a car exhibition, as well as the Childhood Cultural Centre tent. Other organizations taking part in Katara's celebrations with cultural activities and awareness initiatives include Qatar Heritage and Identity Centre, Qatar Petrochemical Company, Bedaya Centre and Al Faisal Social Responsibility Centre.