Posted on October 20, 2017

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) inaugurated the 1st edition of the Photography Festival on Wednesday.

The exhibition will run until October 30 from 10am to 10pm. The Katara Photography Festival is a celebration of communities, photographers and art. It commenced with an online competition that started in the beginning of October and has witnessed an overwhelming response. After the end of the competition on October 20, the winning entries will be displayed in a gallery for visitors to see. 

The exhibition is a collection of works of well-known photographers of different nationalities, including; Germany, Lebanon, Qatar and the Philippines. Visitors will get a chance to see exemplary work by Jordis Schloesser from her trips around the world, Andrea Buenafe's perspective of Doha, Tony Hage's innovative work as well as pieces by the popular Qatari brothers, Nasser and Hassan al Emadi. The pictures displayed the unique style and creativity of each and every artist. Speaking at the inauguration, Katara General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti said,"Katara is a valley of cultures and is an authentic platform that displays culture and art under one comprehensive hub. The first edition of the photography festival is one of the prominent events that we eagerly hope that amateur and professional photographers consider as an essential step in building their career path. 

"The artists in our 1st edition will showcase their skills through the images displayed here today. Through the launch of this festival, we seek to enhance cooperation and knowledge sharing among the distinctive community of photographers." He added,"Through the host of the Photography Festival, Katara wishes to provide a suitable ambience for the amateur photographer through informative workshops, which will contribute to the refinement of their skills and showcase their talent. In addition, another matching-making platform is set for the professional photographers to meet with the audiences with an aim to examine their impressions and opinions closely."

The renowned photographers will also be seen conducting workshops for photography enthusiasts on the weekends throughout the duration of the festival. These workshops will be based on some of the key elements in the field of photography and will address topics such as 'An introduction to street photography', 'Art of Reportage Photography', 'Basics of Digital Photography' and 'Basics of Studio Lighting'. Jordis, Tony, Andrea and Hassan al Emadi will present the topics respectively. Each session is intended to take place twice, resulting in a total of eight workshops in order to accommodate 160 participants.

source: Qatar Tribune