Posted on November 16, 2014

Key Business Solutions Qatar, a technology solutions provider, has launched its operations in Doha and introduced the KeyKiosk concept, a customised solution that provides a variety of services such as remittance and payment transactions for utilities and mobile top-ups. In addition, Key Business Solutions offers KeyTMS (Terminal Management System), a system that manages, controls and monitors terminals through a web portal.

Among the integrated services within KeyKiosk are KeyTop-Up for mobile top-ups catering to both domestic and international mobile service providers; KeyRemit, which facilitates money transfers to banks or other beneficiaries via Symex, XpressMoney and UBL, as well as instant money transfers through Western Union; and KeyPay, which enables automated payments to several online service providers such as iTunes, Google Play, Facebook, Skype, Xbox Live, Playstation network and more.

Key Business Solutions Qatar 2 [].jpgOther services provided by Key Business Solutions include KeyPOS, an electronic voucher system that enhances experience between prepaid service providers, distributors and dealers; and KeyClick, a user-friendly web portal service which is built on .net platform and that provides for international mobile top-up for a wide range of mobile service providers in different countries. KeyKiosk is an ATM-like touchscreen machine that is fully equipped with a camera, card reader, PIN pad, cash acceptor, and receipt printer. It also features an advertisement screen at the top. Furthermore, KeyKiosk machine can be custom-configured according to the needs and requirements of customers, which may include a fingerprint or ID scanner, cash acceptor, or card acceptor.

Using the KeyClient technology built on .net platform and platform, it is user friendly, multi-language capable (10 Languages); easily implemented, maintained and monitored; interactive; multi- services capable; multi communication protocols capable; operates mainly on the ISO 8583 protocol (Communication and Messages protocol); supports many types of security standards; supports Two Factor Authentications (2FA); and is a complete driver for all Kiosk peripherals.

“We are extremely delighted to officially launch our operations in such a vibrant economy as Qatar,” said Firas Afani, Vice President of Key Business Solutions Qatar. “Characterised by a rapidly growing population that includes a huge community of expatriate residents with high spending capacities, this market has definitely spurred increased business activity across various sectors and will continue to do so for many years.

“With today’s highly innovative technologies, we at Key Business Solutions Qatar saw the need to fill a gap by providing for the added convenience of sending remittances or money transfers, or paying their local utility bills as well as topping-up their local mobile phones and that of their families back home using only a touchscreen machine or KeyKiosk,” he added. “With the added convenience of not having to line up in long queues at remittance centres, exchange houses or banks, or at mobile service provider centres, our KeyKiosk also provides a safe and secure mode of payment that is guaranteed and accurate.

“Furthermore, in order to meet specific requirements of clients and partners, our KeyKiosks can also be configured to tailor-fit their needs,” Afani explained. Key Business Solutions Qatar is sponsored by Intertec, Samsung, Proud Camel and Trust Exchange.