Posted on June 25, 2014

“We’ve got the whole world in our hands” isn’t just a song but an important message that 75 children and parents attending the HSBC and British Council Kids Read family event on Saturday 7th June took away with them.  The event included stories, arts and crafts activities and games selected to raise awareness of World Environment Day and the need to take positive action, regardless of age.

The event, sponsored by HSBC Bank and developed by the British Council, looked at protecting animals and the environment and the effects of global warming while reading “Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish” by Michael Foreman and “Whole World” by Corr & Penner. The children were encouraged to think about how they could help the planet and to share their ideas on how they, and we, could help protect it.  The arts and crafts activities incorporated the use of recycled plastic bottles and paper.  The children made their own rain sticks, mini books and bumble bees to take home after the event as a reminder of the day.

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Abdul Hakeem Mostafawi, CEO of HSBC in Qatar said: “Kids Read is now in its 3rd year since its inception. The success of this programme is visible in the growing interest from the children and parents alike.  It is an honor to be part of this initiative and to witness the enjoyment children have when they listen to the storytellers as well as when they participate in the various activities. This week’s event also had an important message about the environment for all children to remember. We will continue to invest in programmes of this kind that support the education of young children and offer us the opportunity to connect with the community. ”

Martin Hope, Country Director of the British Council Qatar, echoed this sentiment by adding, “We are thrilled with the response of the children and the parents to the stories and environmental activities.  I encourage all parents to read with their children as studies have shown that not only does it help in academic matters but also cultural and social awareness and understanding”