Posted on July 05, 2017

KidzMondo Doha, Qatar’s one-of-a-kind edutainment city, is launching the first edition of its Summer Camp on the 8th of July 2017, for the young visitors of its indoor theme park. The program will help children from 4 to 14 years old, acquire cognitive skills, enhance self-confidence and develop a sense of creativity, discipline and patience, through a rich variety of role-playing adventures and capacity-building activities.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. Eman Baker Abu El Hawa, General Manager of KidzMondo Doha, said: “The summer holiday is the perfect occasion for Qatar’s parents and children to enjoy an exceptional time at KidzMondo Doha and discover its unique world of purposeful edutainment in a fun and safe surrounding. With the first edition of our Summer Camp ‘2017’, kids can now immerse themselves in a mental and physical voyage of investigation, exploration, and adults’ role play that perfectly complements school curricula, while empowering them with knowledge and life-lessons that help them become well-versed individuals in their adulthood. We look forward to welcoming families and children to our indoor theme park, where they can finally unlatch the gate to imagination and creativity in KidzMondo Doha’s kid-sized edutainment city.”

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Among the many role-playing activities kids get to engage in as part of the Summer Camp 2017, children can enjoy driving a car in the ‘Race Track’ and operate the vehicles in the ‘Construction Site’, help solve crimes and accidents at the KMD Court House, research, write and present news to Kidizens at the Newspaper, save the city from a pest invasion, put on their police uniforms and look after the safety of their fellow Kidizens, become one of the city’s paramedics and get trained on CPR, or learn everything they need to become successful entrepreneurs who sell their own products and earn money at the Entrepreneurial Academy, and many more.

Through its huge range of activities and edutainment establishments, KidzMondo Doha blends imagination and knowledge to help children aged 2 to 14 collectively imagine, define, and work towards creating a better future for themselves and their communities while having plenty of fun. The kid-sized city, which is an exact replica of the real world – complete with its own currency, constitution, economy, and functioning infrastructure – dovetails with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and its focus on human development as the engine for progress and advancement.

Parents can call 40285888 or email to claim a spot for their children at the Summer Camp. The program runs until the 7th of August 2017 from 10 am to 1 pm and offers kids the choice of a two-week or a four-week camping experience.