Posted on April 23, 2016

KidzMondo Doha, Qatar’s one-of-a-kind miniature edutainment city, has signed a partnership agreement with UrbaCon Trading & Contracting (UCC), the leading Qatari based international construction services company, adding yet another unique educational establishment to the fun learning experience that the kid-sized indoor theme park aims to cultivate in youngsters’ minds.

Through its partnership with UCC, KidzMondo Doha is carrying on its practice of collaborating with the premier establishments in various industries and disciplines, emanating from its vision of providing the best educational and entertaining experience to children.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Nabil R. Barakat, General Manager of KidzMondo Doha said: “We are excited to be continuously growing our KidzMondo establishments through increasing the scope of our partnerships with distinguished organizations that span a full spectrum of fields, industries and activities. Our latest partnership with UCC, a leading grade-one licensed builder and contracting company, will give our young visitors the chance to indulge in yet another rewarding and educational activity at KidzMondo Doha, which further enriches their experience at our indoor edutainment theme park.”

KidzMondo Doha signs partnership 1 [].jpg

On behalf of his company, Mr. Glyn Thomas, Chief Operating Officer at UCC remarked: “In line with our mission of building on UCC’s foundations and core values of quality and trust, we are always looking to work with partners to construct innovative developments that bring prosperity to the community.We are pleased to shake hands with KidzMondo Doha for adding a UCC establishment to the edutainment city’s rich variety of entertaining activities for children. Through this fruitful partnership, young visitors will be able to engage in parallel activities for design, procurement, and construction, through a business model that is driven by commitment to excellence.”

UrbaCon Trading & Contracting Company, also known as UCC, is a Qatari based international construction services company with an impressive construction footprint in the country, led by its ever growing pool of trained professionals and more than 2,143 plants and machines. UCC is dedicated to Qatar's National Vision 2030 and aims to fulfill its contribution through the company’s continued relationships with clients, customers, and the community.

Through its partnership with UCC and other leading institutions in their respective fields, KidzMondo Doha is reaffirming its sense of flexibility and adaptability as an edutainment park that intends to customize and include brands that people can relate to and associate with closely, thereby creating a comfortable environment for young minds to thrive in.

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KidzMondo Doha is regarded as the "city of education and entertainment," and features an interactive kid-sized city developed for and managed solely by children, between the age of 2 and 14. The self-sufficient city, with its own economy and currency (Kidlars), includes over 80 real-life simulation activities across diverse business environments, and allows children to dress up and role-play realistic tasks in a safe, interactive and educational environment. The city has been designed to provide a fun-filled and holistic learning experience in order to support physical and mental growth in youngsters as well as help them boost their self-esteem and confidence.

The activities will support social, artistic, creative and cognitive development amongst others, while unlocking imagination and creativity in children and empowering them with knowledge, essential skills and life-lessons that will help them become well-versed individuals and prepare them for the professional world of adults with confidence and courage.