Posted on June 18, 2016

Education has come a long way, evolving over the years. From the Development of Roman Schools, the era of Aristotle and Plato, the Age of Pericles and Socrates….And finally to the first known schools in the 21st Century, which marked the beginning of a new era of learning combined with technology, modernization and extra-curricular activities. KidzMondo pre-empted what lies ahead and wanted to prepare children for what the future holds. This thought process helped discover a new way of learning through play…Edutainment!

The concept of edutainment can be associated with education that dates back hundreds of years ago. The encouragement by Roman schools to study every subject including music, the primary age group of kids who began learning fell between 4-14 years and the early teachings that imparted knowledge through education and physical activities to stimulate brain and skill development, are some of the key parallels that can be drawn between the original education system and KidzMondo’s way of learning.

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KidzMondo – the international edutainment indoor park for children, has kept its promise of arriving to Doha during the fourth quarter of this year, at the upcoming Mall of Qatar. The ground-breaking edutainment concept is a project driven by pedagogical fascination, focusing on academic benefits for children, while providing them with a mental and physical voyage of investigation, exploration, and adults’ role play. Through its upcoming indoor theme park at the Mall of Qatar, KidzMondo Doha will give children a chance to enact dream roles in the kid-sized city’s myriad establishments ranging from a barbershop, gas station and car wash, to an aircraft, driving institute, oil & gas refinery, and every other aspect of a real city.

The edutainment city is designed as an exact replica of the real world, complete with its own currency (Kidlar), constitution, economy, functioning infrastructure, and curricula that have been locally adapted to holistically educate children by developing their cognitive, emotional, psychomotor and social abilities. Mr. Nabil R. Barakat, General Manager, KidzMondo Doha said, “We are proud that the learning experiences at our facility have been meticulously designed to dovetail with Qatar National Vision 2030. It is an exciting time for us as we are inching closer to the grand opening”.

Through a different lens, the country’s national tourism strategy aims to place Qatar on the world tourism map and promote it as a quality destination for family entertainment, education and culture, where inventive and revolutionary concepts like KidzMondo Doha are also primed to play a leading role in enriching the peninsula’s tourism offering and adding to its appeal as a destination of choice. While family tourists usually explore its traditional souqs’ alleyways, state-of-the-art museums, and luxury retail outlets, parents visiting Qatar will soon have the opportunity to take their children on a fully immersive experience that unlocks their imagination, stimulates their senses and instills life-long lessons in their young minds, as they discover and appreciate the country’s rich culture, distinguished heritage and amazing potential.

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KidzMondo Doha will span across a built up area of about 8000 m2, that will host more than 60 unique establishments and over 80 activities, realistically developed in partnership with leading brands in various fields and disciplines. The Mall of Qatar and thereby KidzMondo Doha will be connected to the future GCC Inter-rail system that will help drive footprints to the facility from Qatar as well as neighbouring countries. The indoor edutainment park aims to be one of the most visited family attractions in Qatar, with a vision to unlock children’s imagination and empower them with knowledge and life-lessons that help them become well-versed individuals, who can collectively imagine, define, and work towards creating a better future for themselves and their communities.