Posted on December 01, 2014

Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels (SWBH), the luxury, five-star hotel collection owned and managed by Al Rayyan Hospitality, relaunched its signature Italian restaurant La Pizza with a revamped menu, the restaurant has brilliant décor touches inspired by classic Italian architecture that complements displayed local art pieces. The gourmet celebration was attended by a group of high-profile guests and local media representatives.

La Piazza is back with 1 [].JPGWith an atmosphere that immerses guests in ultimate luxury and comfort, La Piazza features a magnificent stained-glass atrium in the courtyard of Al Bidda Boutique Hotel. Here guests can sample authentic Italian cuisine and see fresh homemade pasta and deliciously flavoured pizzas prepared in front of their eyes. Offers freshly made gelato and superb Italian coffee while classic Italian music plays in the background.

“SWBH’s restaurant collection is unique in the way it combines the cultures and culinary traditions of people from around the world through its exquisite authentic dishes prepared by the best chefs. It offers visitors an inimitable opportunity to discover different world cultures while enjoying Qatari style hospitality without the need to travel,” said Taleb Al Henzab, General Manager at Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels. “Taking guests on a delightful journey that mixes an enchanting past with a glamorous present, the newly refurbished La Piazza is one of SWBH’s most remarkable restaurants with an experience that goes beyond the delectable meals it has to offer. La Piazza is an outstanding, complete destination in itself for all Qatar’s gastronomes,” added Al Henzab.

La Piazza’s new menu presents diners with a wide variety of choices from appetizers and soups to main courses including sea food, meat and poultry and Italian pasta, as well as Italian rice dishes and a range of pizza choices with fabled Mediterranean flavours that appeal to everyone’s taste. Al Bidda Boutique Hotel has always been keen on creating exceptional offers for all guests through an exclusive set of highly personalised amenities and services.

La Piazza is back with 2 [].jpg

The French La Patisserie bakery is a typical example with its freshly baked pastries, irresistible gateaux, European breads, pralines, macaroons, petit fours and croissants, contributing to the extraordinary SWBH experience that blends originality with modern luxury cuisine against a backdrop of Qatari-inspired design and warm hospitality.