Posted on May 02, 2014

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has organized events to celebrate the world labour day in the industrial area.

Khalid Al-Ghanim, the Director of Labour Inspection of the ministry said in an address on the occasion that the Qatari officials concerned are seeking through this celebration to shed light on the importance of the role of workers in the advancement of societies therefore the State of Qatar celebrates this day every year to share the international community in this global event and to emphasize the importance of the great role and achievements the workers are doing inside the state. 

Al-Ghanim added that Qatar is seeking to secure the right to work for their workers or citizens or expatriates by providing them all means possible for a decent living and comfortable housing and other essential services such as education and health. 

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"The State of Qatar has pursued a balanced policies in employing the foreign labour to achieve the ambitious goals to build a modern state, through realizing the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 in the optimal investment of the national workforce, and in the recruitment of skilled foreign labour which are able to contribute to the reconstruction process the state is now witnessing", the Director of Labour Inspection of the ministry said in his address before the celebration ceremony. 

Al- Ghanem further said that the ministry is doing its part to protect and supporting expats through a number of ways , such as protection when recruitment and control over wages and adequate housing , health care and the provision of appropriate working environment for worker's safety and providing ongoing support to him during his stay in the country.