Posted on October 04, 2011

As part of its mission to showcase and protect the world’s cultures and heritage, Katara, the Cultural Village Foundation, will be bringing the best of UNESCO’s declared world-heritage art forms, Tango, to Doha as part of the first Latin American Cultural Festival (LACF).  Hailing all the way from its official birthplace, two Tango performances are expected to dazzle festival fans this month.

The Uruguayan Tango Vivo music show and Argentinean Tango Metropolis performance will be held at Katara’s Drama Theater (Building 16) at 9:00pm on Saturday 8th October and Thursday 13th October respectively.

The highly innovative performance, Tango Metropolis, created by Daniel Binelli, Pilar Alvarez, and Claudio Hoffmann, adds new musical and choreographic forms of tango, dynamically and theatrically expressed, to the themes of the traditional repertoire. Tango Metropolis on the other hand, portrays love stories and farewells filled with intense moments of passion, using the language of tango.

In late 2009, the 24 members of UNESCO's Intergovernmental Committee of Intangible Heritage declared tango to be part of the world's cultural heritage granting tango dance and music protected cultural status.

Malika AlShraim, Public Relations Manager at Katara said, “LACF is a celebration of world cultures and an aspiration to bridge gaps through art. Katara is particularly proud to host two Tango performances as part of the Latin American Cultural Festival, reinforcing our role in preserving and sharing the world’s heritage.”

The ten-day festival, running from the 6th to the 15th of October, brings together over 230 performers from nine different South American countries and will showcase the best of Latin Music, Dance and Film. Fans interested in finding out more about LACF can follow Katara’s twitter (@kataraqatar) and Facebook accounts (!/KataraQatar).

Tickets for all performances can be purchased and are available at the Virgin Megastores during store operating hours (from 9:30am – 12midnight) at both Landmark and Villaggio outlets. They can also be purchased online at