Posted on August 24, 2014

Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Limited (Oxy Qatar) today announced the success of its summer internship program. High School and University students took part in the Occidental Petroleum of Qatar Limited (Oxy Qatar) summer internship program starting late May through August. Interns from Qatar and schools abroad worked in various departments, depending on their majors and/or interests. Each intern was trained by a departmental mentor who guided them through their period of internship. The High School students were involved in a week-long internship while University students benefited from a four- to eight-week internship.

Stephen Kelly, President and General Manager of Oxy Qatar commented: “The Summer Internship Program at Oxy Qatar accepts students from various disciplines and schools. Our goal is to provide real life work settings to prepare students for after their academic years. This year in particular, the students’ End of Program presentations were of excellent quality.”

The program provides an enriching experience for the students, enabling them to enter the workforce. It offers training, orientation sessions and field trips for a hands-on professional experience. At the end of their internship, each student gives a presentation to Oxy’s senior management about the skills they have acquired and how it will ease their future transition into the work field.

Mousa Abuhelaiqa, a Mechanical Engineer at Texas A&M University at Qatar, commented on his internship in the Drilling department: “My experience at Oxy Qatar was very rewarding and unique. Not only did I get insight about what mechanical engineers do in the Oil and Gas sector, I also got to the opportunity to participate in presentation skills and safety courses that would definitely enhance my overall background knowledge as an engineering student.”

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Positive feedback from all interns included satisfaction with the atmosphere at Oxy and the readiness of the mentors to guide them through their time in the company. Self-growth and development was a common feedback among students. Summer intern Sara Alzadjali expressed, “Such experience has given me the opportunity to grow professionally, which will further help me in my academic and personal life. Moreover, I have built confidence within the last few weeks that has helped me work even better and produce positive results”.

The skills that the students obtained from Oxy Qatar have given them the opportunity to excel outside of the workplace too. Nouf Al-Kaabi, a student at Qatar University, majoring in Finance, shares her experience: “The new software I learned about is good! And I think I will continue to use it for my University projects and would suggest it to use it at school. Different cultures respond to things differently, so in order to work effectively and efficiently, we need to understand the cultures of the people we’re dealing with. The Working Effectively Across Cultures training I took will help me in my life a lot, especially when communicating with professors, friends or even employees from any firm.”