Posted on October 06, 2011

Katara, the Cultural Village, opens its doors today to all movie lovers to enjoy eight award-winning films as part of the first Latin American Cultural Festival (LACF). Tickets are available at Virgin Megastore for 30 QAR.

In collaboration with the Doha Film Institute (DFI), the film program was carefully curated to present movie-lovers with an enriching experience that exposes viewers with a wide range of genres including drama, comedy and documentary. Exploring the culture of their respective countries, the eight films are from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, El Salvador, Uruguay, Peru, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Chadi Zennedine

“The first Latin American Cultural Festival features genres including family-oriented films, drama, comedy and documentaries. The award winning films were carefully selected based on their representation of each nation and Katara is pleased to offer the platform for the screenings of these epic films, bringing together different cultures in one unique location,” said Malika AlShraim, Public Relations Manager, Katara.

Chadi Zennedine, Resident Filmmaker and Programmer at DFI was appointed as programming consultant for LACF.

“Having these films screened along with the live performances presents audiences with a new dimension of Latin American culture to explore,” said Zennedine. “This selection is colorful, full of emotions, surprises, different landscapes and genres that is just as incredible as the beat of Latin America.”

The LACF screenings begin on Friday with Brazil’s largest box office draw for 2005, Drama film, Dois Filhos de Francisco (Francisco’s Two Sons).

Dois filhos de Francisco

Based on the true story of two Brazilian musicians, Zezé di Camargo and his brother Luciano, the film portrays a modern success story of a very simple man who follows his dream of seeing his children become country music stars.

On Saturday 8th October, LACF will screen award winner at Cannes Film Festival, Viva Cuba (2005) which tells a heart wrenching tale of two children embarking on a journey across Cuba in a bid to save their friendship. This movie is screening at 11am on Saturday 8th October making it an ideal choice to take the kids to.

El baño del Papa

Also screening on Saturday evening is Argentinean drama-adventure film Iluminados por el Fuego (2005). The film, which translates into “Blessed by Fire”, follows the tale of a soldier who re-visits a fellow comrade who attempts suicide. The film explores issues around depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on soldiers that took part in the Falklands war. This film won several awards in international festivals including the Special Prize of the Jury in San Sebastian Film Festival (Spain), Grand Coral First Prize in Havana Film Festival, the Goya of Best Spanish Language Foreign Film in Spain. 

Iluminados por el fuego

The films selected for LACF include Una Sombra Al Frente (2007, Peru) which translates into “Crossing a Shadow” and was shortlisted in 2008 for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film; Llevarte Al Mar (2010, El Salvador) awarded Documentary Production Award in 2006 from Cinergia; El Baño del Papa (2007, Uruguay) selected for the Best Foreign Film competition at the Oscars and Canne's 3Un certain Regard program; Una Sombra Al Frente (2007, Peru) shortlisted for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film,  amongst many others.

Llevarte al mar

“More than 60% of Qataris are under 18 years old and many of the residents and expats are living here with their families. And so it was very important for us to curate films that resonate with such a suave audience. I am particularly excited to have Viva Cuba, Dois Filhos de Francisco and Tocar y Luchar screening in Qatar as they are very inspiring films that address youngsters who believe in their dreams and make them happen,” concluded Zeneddine.