Posted on July 15, 2017
Qatari lawyers have lauded the initiative to set up a committee to pursue compensation claims potentially worth billions of dollars over the country’s blockade by the Saudi-led bloc. It is clear that Qatar is determined to continue protecting the rights of its inhabitants and organisations affected by the ongoing blockade even after the crisis is over and reconciliation achieved, the lawyers point out, according to local Arabic daily Arrayah.
The Qatari lawyers say the launch of the Compensation Claims Committee, with the joint membership of the Public Prosecution, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, proves that the country wants to pursue the legal rights of its people through a unified official channel. Lawyer Ali Issa al-Khalifa said the Compensation Claims Committee has been launched at the right time, which shows how keen the government is to protect the rights of people in the country and also sends a strong message that such rights will not be abandoned under any condition.
He noted that the blockade on Qatar violates international laws and adversely affects both individuals and organisations, socially and economically. The new committee will help prepare cases with the necessary documentation and file such pleas before relevant courts, whether local or international, demanding adequate compensation. Lawyer Abdullah al-Saadi said the issue has taken an international turn and the new committee will act as a central entity to handle related complains, in order to look into them and take the necessary steps in accordance with international laws.
He added that the launch of a single, unified entity headed by the Public Prosecution is a positive development and will ease the process for those wishing to file for damages. Yusif al-Zamman, another lawyer, pointed out that the responsibility of the blockading countries in terms of damages is mainly derived from their violation of the stipulations of international laws and conventions that result in adverse impact on individuals and organisations. Accordingly, the committee will receive relevant complaints and decide on the courts of jurisdiction to file the cases, which will be of great help for those who are looking for justice.
Lawyer Abdulrahman al-Jufairi stressed that claims of compensation are likely to continue even after the crisis is over, while Nayf al-Naama said the new committee will help save the time and efforts of claimants as they will submit their complaints to a single entity for necessary action. Recently, the Attorney-General, HE Dr Ali bin Fetais al-Marri, said the Compensation Claims Committee would deal with cases affecting major companies, such as Qatar Airways, as well as individual Qatari students, who were expelled from the countries where they were studying.
“This committee will receive all claims, whether from the public sector, private sector or individuals,” HE Dr al-Marri told journalists. Qatar has said thousands of its citizens have been affected by the isolation measures.
source: Gulf Times