Posted on January 05, 2016

The Ministry of Development Planning & Statistics (MDPS) has released the Machinery & Equipment Price Index (MEPI) relating to the second half of 2015. The MEPI remained at 102.2 showing no change compared with the index for the first half of 2015, and an increase of 0.4% compared with the index for the corresponding period (second half) of 2014. The MEPI is the new economic indicator which was added to the set of short term economic indicators in 2014. It is currently calculated on a semi- annual basis.

Comparison of Second Half, 2015 with that of the First Half, 2015: An analysis of the movement of the MEPI in 2015, [second half 2015 compared with second half, 2015 indices] shows price increases in one group: “Special-purpose machines” where prices were up by 0.1%, resulting from the1.4% rise in the price of “Underground rock cutters and tunneling machinery”. The index for “Transport Equipment”, dropped by 0.2%. resulting from the 0.2% fall in the prices of “Motor vehicles and trailer vehicles”. Relative stability was noted in the selling prices of “Office, Accounting and Computing Machinery”, and, “Machinery and Electrical Appliances”.

Machinery and Equipment Price 2 [].jpg

Comparison of Second Half, 2015 with that of the Second Half, 2014: A comparison of the MEPI of the Second Half, 2015 with that of the Second Half, 2014, points to a 0.4% increase in the prices of machinery and equipment goods covered by the index.. Analysis at product group level shows increases recorded in the price of three groups and drop in one group: Price of “Machinery and Electrical Appliances” were up by 1.8%, “Special-purpose Machines”, by 0.5%, and “Office, Accounting and Computing Machinery” by 0.3%. Price of “Transport equipment” dropped by 0.1%.

Table (1) presents MEPI of Second Half 2015, and graph (1) shows the movement of MEPI during 2014-2015.

More detailed data on Machinery & Equipment Price Index is available on the Ministry’s website: