Posted on December 30, 2018

Mada Assistive Technology Centre, part of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, has launched an awareness campaign on the importance of technology and digital access and their positive impact on lives of people with special needs and the elderly. The campaign has also introduced the services of the centre in assistive technology in many fields such as education, employment and community.

The campaign, which will run till the end of December, includes broadcasting awareness messages and videos that aim to highlight the positive impact of assistive technology and information and communication technology (ICT). It also shows the achievements of the centre in the education sector by enabling 3,000 students of special needs to access quality education through technology and to build the capacity of teachers and specialists. In the employment sector, the campaign touches on Mada enabling a centre for special needs to enter the job market through a special programme that has been designed in compliance with the best global practices in assistive technology. 

With regards to the community, the awareness campaign focuses on the work of Mada with its partners to empower 2,900 people with special needs and the elderly to integrate in the society and benefit from available health, cultural and governmental services by making digital platforms accessible to them. The campaign also highlights the centre’s efforts in supporting a number of entities and building their capacities to provide assistive technology services for the targeted category through assistive technology stations. 

Mada has updated its Youtube channel which includes many video clips, some of which are educational on how to use assistive technology solutions under the supervision and review of specialists and experts of the centre. The campaign comes as part of the centre’s efforts to encourage various sectors and entities to support digital access and promote the use of technology to empower all persons with special needs in the State of Qatar.

source: Qatar Tribune