Posted on March 28, 2012

The Gate will present the first exhibition in the Middle East of Marino Collecchia, one of the most famous contemporary Italian artist.

In partnership with Esedra, the Doha based Italian Cultural Association, Marino Collecchia's "Doha 2012 exhibition" will be on view from 31 March to 15 April 2012 at The Gate Mall. The Grand Opening will be on Friday, March 30 at 7pm. Collecchia’s exhibition will showcase 30 of his most distinctive pieces, including his latest paintings realized for this expo which illustrate his effort to get closer to the Arabian culture as part of his constant tension to go beyond his roots.

Marino Collecchia

“As part of our effort to promote the Italian culture and to facilitate the dialogue between Italy and Qatar, it an honor for Esedra to present the extraordinary work of Marino Collecchia here in Doha” said  Architect Atos Batarra, Esedra Chair.

Collecchia’s work is characterized by emotional content represented through the use of the light and geometric colours on canvas. Common to his work is the sense of the destiny which groups together every single mankind beyond race, religion and motherland.

“THE GATE” management commented “ We are  happy to  host the works of artist Marino Collecchia  for the first time in the Middle East which is in line with our strategy  to provide exclusivity and uniqueness .Our aim is not only to be a luxurious retail and business destination but also a cultural destination where unique cultures meet and interact with each other enriching the society’s experience. 

Quote from the artist:

I think at my age—80 years old—one needs a good reason to offer their work to the people of a foreign country. It is hard to find rest, when one has a need for investigation, something magic that doesn't back off until it is fully satisfied. […]

People ask me the reason of my journey to Qatar. My answer is: "When the sun, with its touch, blesses the stars with a shade of purple, I live. Will I be able to find the wind, playing harmoniously with my colors? Here everything is magic. Thus it has been since the dawn of time, and thus it is now, thanks to a culture that lays a definite path for the future. The blowing of the wind, sometimes stormy, will be mine to welcome as an invitation to an endless dance."

I would like to thank all the people that made this possible: my amazing friends Architect Manuel Montaresi and  his father Giovanni ; Esedra, the Doha-based Italian cultural association, for their support; The Gate, for hosting us.