Posted on June 01, 2011

Mashreq Qatar, one of the leading financial institutions in the region, reaffirmed its commitment to offer enhanced Wealth Management Services. This proposition includes a bouquet of savings and protection plans, Insurance, Global Mutual Funds, Fixed Income Securities and Treasury based solutions.

Mashreq Qatar is one of the very few full-service financial institutions in the region that offer a full range of wealth management services. With Qatar’s booming economy and significant pool of high net worth individuals, small business enterprises (SMEs) and corporate clients, Mashreq Qatar’s qualified investment specialists (certified by Institute of Investment Advisors, UK) will offer financial planning solutions to customers to achieve right asset allocation based on risk profile and meet their financial objectives and investment goals by keeping customer’s liquidity requirements in mind.

Howard Kitson, Country Manager, Mashreq Qatar commented, “The objective of Mashreq’s Wealth Management Program is to protect and grow our customers’ wealth. For this, Mashreq Qatar offers high coupon yielding structures as well as various derivative based solutions to clients to manage their risks. We also offer 100% Capital guaranteed structured notes and Bond offerings from the issuers from GCC, emerging markets and developed markets. Sophisticated investors, who understand the dynamics of the financial markets, are offered tools to leverage their investments to maximize their returns with an added component of risk.”

As part of the wealth management services, Mashreq Qatar offers Global Mutual Funds, Insurance Products, Treasury Products and Fixed Income Securities; The latest offering has been a 2 year reverse convertible note on select Emerging market stocks which offer high coupon of 24% per annum, based on the stock performance.