Posted on February 08, 2019

Mazzraty, a subsidiary of Al Mana Holding, celebrated success of its products at Monoprix at Doha Festival City.

The company launched its hormone and antibiotic free chicken products in January in Qatar. The products come from its state-of-the-art production facility spread over 2 million square metre area in Abu Nakla. “Our products are free of hormones and antibiotics and come from production facilities fully automated with no human interaction involved,” Saad Al Mana, Spokesperson, Al Mana Holding told The Peninsula. “We have begun distributing our products to all all outlets in Qatar,” he added.

The Qatari company has full control over the supply chain to ensure high quality of the product. The company imports eggs from Belgium and after that the entire process from hatching, breeding to slaughtering and packaging is done at the company’s production facility. The current production capacity of the company can be expanded to meet additional demand. “If needed, we can expand the capacity of our existing production facility by 100 percent, to meet excess demand in the future. We have the ability to increase it in six months,”  Al Mana added.

The company said that residents of Qatar can visit the production facility to see the process. “By launching our products in the market, we have made our contribution to Qatar’s self sufficiency in the poultry products,” he said. The poultry products are not costly as company has kept prices in line with other companies. “We are ready to provide not only high-quality fresh food to the final customer, but also top-level feedstock to other producers in the agricultural business”, explained the company.

Mazzraty also has built the largest lab in the country to analyse and provide scientific information on poultry production, apply full environmental friendly technology such as treatment water facilities and solar energy panels, and follow advanced techniques of air chilling processes and sealed packaging.

source: The Peninsula