Posted on July 05, 2015

As an annual ritual,   McDonald’s Qatar celebrated the traditional ‘festival of children’- Garangaoo by welcoming children and their parents to enjoy the spectacular festivities at their branches at Suhaim bin Hamad, Airport, Landmark Mall, Ras Abu Aboud, Rayyan 2, Muaither, Tebah, Woqood, Gharaffa, Lagoona Mall, Barwa, AlMeera, Mesaieed, and Barwa City.

McDonald’s play area and drive through was filled with the loud cheers and special Garangaoo songs by the children dressed in their traditional and colourful clothes. Qatari kids and expatriates enjoyed lots of entertaining activities including games and workshop at McDonald’s branches as they walked around collecting goody bags packed with assorted nuts and candies. McDonald’s characters also added to the festive appeal as they entertained the kids and showered them with surprises. Special gifts were distributed to the kids who were dressed in the best traditional clothes.

Mr. Kamal Saleh Al Mana, Managing Director of Al Mana Restaurants & Food Co., the owner and operator of McDonald’s restaurants in Qatar said: “The Holy month of Ramadan is the time for giving and sharing and Garangaoo captures the ethos of Ramadan and our rich cultural heritage. We are truly committed to playing an active role in promoting community initiatives and raising awareness of noble causes, throughout Qatar.”

Often called “The Festival of Children” - Garangaoo, or sometimes called Gir-ga-oon is observed on 14th day of the Holy Month of Ramadan, every year. Children, clad in their traditional clothes, come out of their homes and knock on every door in their neighborhood, which will be ready to receive them with sweets and nuts. They collect the goodies in the special cotton bags, hanging loosely from their necks and they are seen wandering around the streets singing the special Garangaoo song.